Wednesday, April 07, 2004

This is so cool! Wonder if I'll ever get tired of writing here? This can be a diary, yes. I left home in California with my new rig, the Awesome truck (Chevrolet Silverado extended cab with Onstar, Duramax 2500 diesel engine, Allison transmission with 4X4) and Brightwing II, (29' Titanium by Glendale made in Canada) on January 15, 2002 headed for the L.A. area to rendevous with a person who was going to install my satellites, one for TV and one for the internet, 2-way data, a brand new technology option still being beta tested, and I signed on for the adventure. I had a wonderful 3 weeks there getting to know my new "home" and hanging out with the satellite tech, his wife and her mother. Only half of what was supposed to happen, the TV install, happened and so I headed east with a stop at sister Sue's in Helendale (Apple Valley) and on to Quartzsite, AZ, an interesting spot on the map.

I left behind in California pretty brand new twin great grandbabies, age 13 months, named Sophia and Brent. Here's what they looked like when we took the five generation picture in February 2001, age 3 months. The 5 generations are Zeta, my mother age 91 at the time, me, the great-grandmother, my daughter Karyn, the grandmother, her son Andrew the father, and also in the picture is the twins' mother, Zyla.

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