Sunday, May 23, 2004


Hey, it is soooo good to be back after the struggle with changing satellites (because of being in the far northern region, having my computer crash from viruses and popup ads (1000s of them) in the adult entertainment genre`) and the final blow, nothing would work where I was in Canada, whew!

Today I crossed the border back into the US of A and am now encamped in Montana ... but it was snowing earlier. And my mail tells me that most of you in the southern regions are warming up nicely. Sounds pretty good to me. I went through a half tank of propane yesterday just trying to stay warm, while the rain pelted relentlessly ALL day long. So started this morning off with a dead battery in the truck. Wonder what that was all about, or what I did or didn't do. So enough ...

My pictures are not revealing themselves yet on my newly arranged computer and so it's like moving and wondering what's in all those boxes. I have found everything I took at Lake Louise so will start there. It was a wonderful week in the area. I fell in love with Banff.

This is a scene while driving towards Lake Louise
somewhere on Canada 1 between Revelstoke and LL.

View walking from the parking lot towards the hotel.

The lake is partially frozen and the familiar blue color
does not appear at lake level, only from a higher elevation.

Another view at lake level ....

Well, this is 30 for today, guess it's tomorrow .. oh, well, more later.

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