Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Belen, NM .... Fast post today. Exciting times on our mesa ... and I cannot get my pictures off the camera, oh, dratz. Am at the dentist all day today working on new expensive ... sigh ... bridge. Gotta keep those teeth a chewin' But will have more "mesa news" by tomorrow ... all is looking very good for those who are interested in knowing.

All is well in my world! And LOVE, lots of it, is flowing.

Don't you wish you knew what this is about? Well, you'll just have to wait.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Belen, NM .... Well, it's Sunday afternoon and clouding over. It did this yesterday and, wow, what a thunder and rain storm. It plops an inch or two and disappears. Good news for this drought ridden area.

I believe I left off with going to the movies on Friday. Five of us finally gathered to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" and what a whopper. We all enjoyed it immensely. Michael Moore is a very talented person. I can see how he won the Cannes Film Festival, especially since the Europeans dislike Bush and the movie is good, so how could it miss over there? The jury is still out in America as to its success. A meal at Mimi's after completed a satisfying day in Albuquerque. The country folk came to town, hehe.

Saturday I stayed in the county, Valencia, that is, and went to the VACARA Field Day for amateur (ham) radio operators, of which I am one, tra=la. Our community had a class in January just before I left on "the trip" and I managed to pass, squeaked through is more like it. Amateur clubs all over the world have a once a year 24-hour radio-a-thon (don't exactly know whatcha callit) and it is a competition to see how many stations you can contact in that marathon. Don't think there are any grand prizes, but those men are dead serious ... and they have a lot of fun. Another reason for the field day is to check all the equipment, always ready for that emergency or crisis that hams all over the world are known for and are oftentimes first responders.

Our class of 10 last January will become the beginnings of our mesa's civil defense team.

The day began with a BBQ lunch and then the heat drove the newbies home, whew! As usual, the ladies all had call signs on their badges but I only saw them working the food. So what else is new? Nothing much has changed there.

Anyway, I took some pictures to prove I was there, I guess, and here are some fellas seriously working the "key" doing Morse Code at a fast pace. On closer look, I don't see any fingers on the key, but I swear that's what they were doing.

It was nice to see community member Joan Smith there, and I'm sorry, I don't know the gentleman's name she is sitting next to.

Ed Clibborn of our community sat across from me while eating lunch, so it was easy to snap him.

Gary Plapp sat next to me, so I couldn't shoot a picture so well, and, of course, I forget to take pictures of me. Oh, well.
And I forgot to snap the fellow cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers. He had a hot job.

This club meets once a month all year round, so maybe I will get involved. I am NOT a person who knows an ohm from an amp and never will. Interestingly, I did this thing in the early 1970s and passed barely then. At that time you had to pass Morse Code at 5 words per minute and your license was only good for 2 years. Somehow the license lapsed, and here I am again doing it all over. LOL.

Ooohh, a giant wind is whipping up ... nasty. It can do that in New Mexico. It came from nowhere. I am in the trailer and it's a rockin' and a rollin'. So here's a soothing picture to quiet the nerves ... a beautiful place high up in the Rockies near Red River Valley ...I went through there last summer. It's somewhere between Montrose and Durango, Colorado.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Belen, New Mexico .... Good Friday Morning. The pictures from Sunday's Solstice gathering are now on my computer and ready to roll ... after much angst and hand wringing. Not sure I know how to rectify this challenge, but will know next time I try to download. Some days this technology business is overwhelming ... but I keep on keepin' on ... a glutton for punishment, hehe.

Firstly, I took a picture of the view of the Sandia Mountains across the street from Whole Foods Market just to show you the rural atmosphere of Albuquereque.

On Sunday, June 20th, 10-12 Harmonious Earth Community members and friends gathered at Carol Straw's lovely home in Tijeras in the mountains east of Albuquerque. Carol has a vortex/portal in the rear of her home overseen by an ancient entity called Chakewa (phonetic) and with the assistance of Gary Plapp, who led the solstice ceremony, we paid honor at this location to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and all the directions in ancient Indian tradition; a day of Thanksgiving.

This is Gary lighting the sage for smudging ....

The group first gathered on Carol's patio for drumming and smudging before going to the vortex/portal further into the yard.

This is Carol calling the participants with the Tibetan bowl ....
Theresa is on the right.

This is young Gabriel Fontes and mom, Raquel, calling the gathering with drum and rain stick ....

This is my good friend, Cecelia, looking on ....

More drummers .... Cecelia, Rupali and Raquel ...

Preparing for the ceremony ... the new face is Peggy ... and Gabriel's big sister is barely in the picture on the left.

Mystical Maya, Carol's wonderful border Collie, got into the act.

Sylvia and Betts added to the festivities ...

Gary smudging Theresa ....

We walked out to the vortex/portal and the ceremony begins ....

While waiting my turn, I looked down and saw these sweet, little flowers struggling to appear in the parched surface of the dirt.
The Albuquerque area is in an extreme drought condition.

Honoring our ancestors with cornmeal and water, (nobody had any tobacco; no surprise there) the ceremony concluded.

I have lots more pictures, but this is long enough for now.

Tonight some of us are going to see the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 in Albuquerque. More on that tomorrow. Also tomorrow is our Ham Radio Field Day for 24 hours.

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Belen, New Mexico .... The days are rolling by and here it is Tuesday. I have lots of pictures on my camera from Sunday's solstice gathering at Carol Straw's in the East Mountains, a lovely place, Tijeras. And it was at least 15 degrees cooler ... something to remember. Nothing is working to get the pics off the camera, so off to the computer store this afternoon ... long sigh .....

Yesterday was a visit to the dentist and the good news is I need a bridge; the bad news is the cost, $5,000. In the same mail is news of good things happening with our gas drilling on the West Mesa ... stay tuned. Meanwhile I found a lovely picture of the spot I parked in Maggie Valley NC for a week last year at Water's Edge RV Park. I could live in Maggie Valley, one of the 3 or 4 spots on earth that I can make that claim. It's near Waynesville up in the mountains west of Asheville.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Dateline .... Belen, New Mexico .... It has been 4 days since my last post ... you'd think I am too busy. Being off the road is totally different than being on. Am settling into my "home" routine and I can't think of anything that exciting to share with you, yet. The most interesting thing on the horizon is what is happening with our gas wells out on the mesa ... and we must wait another 2 weeks.

Tomorrow is Summer Solstice and my community does celebrate, and we are. A potluck and ceremony in the Eastern mountains. Michael Moore is coming to town with his new movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" and a group is forming to go to Albuquerque to see that on the 25th of June. The gardens are growing, the Farmer's Market will soon open, and the lazy daze of summer are here!

What is SOOO nice is the blue sky, no clouds, no rain, no storms, no wind, just the birds, the bees, the butterflies, summer sounds, the faraway train whistle, and the summer heat just kinda goes with it all. The swamp coolers work just swell, keeping the proper moisture in the inside air.

Here is a summer scene from my photo collection. I took this picture on my way home through Colorado in August 2003.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Another Day in Paradise .... Between schlepping between house and Brightwing, this poem just came in my email. I think it fits the bill perfectly this fine morning.

I have no need to save others.
I have no need to rescue others.
I have no need to outshine anyone.
I have no need to out-think, out-perform, out-produce anyone - including myself.
I do not need to know anything.
I do not need to be an expert.
I do not need to fix anyone, or change anything.
I do not need to dazzle, impress, or inspire anyone.
I do not need to be the hero of my own story.

In truth, I am organic, evolving, and fallible.
I allow things to unfold naturally, and I trust the flow. I joyfully accept and experience my humanity.
I need nothing.
All already is.

Blessed be.

~Aaliyah LivingWell~

Dowsing the Celestorium .....

The Celestorium is the beginnings of the Hathor (Ancient Egyptian Civilization) Sound Healing Temple on the West Belen Mesa, brought into being with the help of Tom Kenyon and his Hathor friends. This piece of land is very close to my 10-acre home site on this beloved mesa that is so dear to our Harmonious Earth Community hearts. (Click on the underlined words.)

Monday, June 14, 2004

Dateline ... Belen, New Mexico .... hooray, I'm back at home all parked in the rear yard with satellites up and roaring to go. The outside temp is HOT, 92 degrees, but the dry heat doesn't seem so bad. The roses and cacti have finished their first bloom, so here's pics from last year. Nothing much has changed except everything has grown taller and thicker. The native grasses are much taller. Not sure how you trim that. The lavender sage is absolutely gorgeous, and it is arrayed outside my office window (Office, meaning Brightwing's living room, which is office no matter where I am.)

The first order of business was dinner last night. Patty's Corner (a neighborhood restaurant) sold while I was gone and a family (mom, dad and 2 sons ... son #1 is a Culinary Arts Institute, Napa, trained gourmet chef ... I am salivating already) bought the restaurant, redecorated and renamed it the Wild Boar Steakhouse. Dinner was quite good and will get better as soon as I can speak with Son #1. He was off last night. My smile is huge as I write this. So on with the pictures to remind you of where home is ... and more later.

Diane Whitaker, my house mate in Belen, is a Master Gardener and here is her garden, yum!

And here's Diane.

The roses and the lavender, my two farorite scents of all time, are gloriously in bloom right outside Brightwing's livingroom/office window. That's the hot tub in the upper left.
Quan Yin overlooks everything. She's awesome. She faces Brightwing parked just ahead of her. Her protective gaze is a good thing.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Dateline ... Chatfield State Park near Littleton CO ... Good Morning to Blue Skies and a wonderful temperature ... yesterday was a great gathering of four of the round robin ladies and Bernie Tierney and Karen Massey. Bernie brought Jo (his wife and a RR member) and Karen is Jean's daughter-in-law who is here to stay with Jean during her recuperation from the auto accident she was in the end of April. So here's the fab four, hehe ....

So this is Jo Smith, Jo Tierney, me and Jean Massey.

This is Jo and Bernie. They also have a home in Sun Lakes (golf heaven) near Phoenix, where I visit them in Arizona in the winter.

This is Jean showing off her "brace" front and back view.

This is wonderful Karen, who left her family (hubby and twin sons) on their Catamaran boat on the East Coast to come and stay with Jean. The family is berthing the boat and will fly to Denver next week, however, to be with mom and grandmom.

We had a great lunch and visit ... and then the day ended with a beautiful sunset here in the campground at Chatfield State Park. (There are NO RV parks in or around Denver.)

Question for today ...

"If you discovered that it might be possible for you to travel inter-dimensionally through particular Earth vortices, would you want to learn how to do that?"

Page 55, "Earth, the Cosmos and You," Revelations by Archangel Michael.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dateline ... Highlands Ranch CO ... hey, good morning, and a sunny one it is, too. It's always hard to believe how several days can pass by unnoticed, hehe. I left Evanston Tuesday at noon and got to Rawlins in time to nap before dinner ... I had gotten up early.

Wednesday was a dash to the Denver area and Highlands Ranch, at least it's nearby. Am settled in at Chatfield State Park. Was here before in August 2002 and am about 20 minutes away from where friend Jean Massey lives in Highlands Ranch. A hail storm and tornado threatened, but it all passed in due time leaving a lot of water. Today 4 of us, all high school classmates, will gather for lunch at Jean's.

I would like to remark here that the last time I drove across Wyoming was with my family as a child and my memory and family talk about Wyoming is/was that the state was long, FLAT, boring, miserable ... and that was my belief until this week.

Wyoming is very hilly with long, sweeping climbs up and down, and BEAUTIFUL. It got prettier and prettier as I traveled east towards Cheyenne. And, of course, traveling now as opposed to the 1930s is a huge difference in roads, a car with no A/C, small, cramped, radiator overheating ... it's always nice to update one's belief system.

I took some pictures last night of the post stormy sky from the parking lot of Sweet Tomatoes in Littleton (one of my favorite places to eat ... and, yes, I had been there before and found it exactly where it sat last time, yum!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Evanston WY ... another lovely day. Debbie (Stone) Coyle just sent me this picuture of daughter, Malia, turning 3 next weekend.
And here she is ... a delight of my life ....

Malia Coyle - age 3.bmp

Sorry you have to click on the picture. It is a bitmap image and this is the way it comes out.

Am off to Greg and Cathy's for breakfast. She and the boys will be off to camp later this week and I will head on down the road tomorrow toward Cheyenne and then south to Denver to meet up with my Denver round robin ladies.

Oh, the round robin. This is a letter that has been going on unbroken since 1948 (year of graduation from high school) among nine women, all classmates. We have had many physical reunions through the years and other occasions such as the upcoming one with four of us (since 3 live in the Denver area.)

Here we are the last time we were together two years ago. I think we're lookin' pretty good.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Dateline ... Evanston WY ... Good Sunday morning. Another gorgeous day with the Stone family. They are off to their church and I am preparing for a 3-hour telephone conference call back home with my Harmonious Earth Community, sharing in the doings of a big meeting regarding our community bylaws, preparing for our non-profit status filing soon. Thank goodness for this modern technology. Later today Cathy's sister and hubby will arrive and we shall break bread together.

Meanwhile thoughts turn to "home" wherever and whoever that is in my life, a world of wonderful people I call "family." I found a collage I made up for another purpose and let's see if it will transfer over to here.

It looks like it did. So this is who's who or what's what:

Top row: my home in Belen NM; Brightwing at home in the backyard; my Evanston Stone family.

Middle row: Andrew and Karyn; Andrew and the twins, Sophia and Brent, age 3-1/2.

Bottom row: Logan, age 10, son of David; Sophia and Alex; son-in-law Forrest; Adam and Danielle, Malia and Debbie.

In case you're still wondering:

Andrew 26, Adam 23 and Alex 19 are brothers, sons of Karyn, my daughter, and Forrest, my son-in-law.

Greg Stone is my youngest son, married to Cathy, and their 2 sons are Gregory 17 and Peter 15.

Logan Stone, 10, is the only child of David Stone, my oldest son.
(David has a daughter from a teenage indiscretion, Pia, who was adopted out) and she returned to our family and our hearts about 10 years ago, and Pia has 2 children)

Sophia (we have big Sophie and little Sophie) is Alex's girlfriend. Forrest is my son-in-law, as mentioned before; Adam and Danielle are a couple, headed for the Peace Coreps the last I heard, and the last picture is my former daughter-in-law, Debbie, now married to Jim Coyle, and she is holding their daughter Malia, age 3 this month.

I consider Malia a granddaughter. Debbie is forever in my heart and I adore Jim. So this is a picture of my immediate family, my children and theirs and theirs. That makes me a great grandma and I LOVE it. More tomorrow.

A thought to consider:

"If you knew that sacred geometry would raise the spiritual vibration of your buildings, would you dare experiment with new designs?"

Page 37, "Earth, the Cosmos and You,"
Revelations by Archangel Michael.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Dateline ... Evanston WY .... Good Morning; it's Saturday. Free weekend minutes on the cell phone. Gorgeous weather just hangin' out with my kids. Cathy promised me a lemon pie and here she is with pie in progress.

And here's the result ... yum!

Son Greg loves to lick the bowl, just like
when he was a little kid ...
do they ever grow up? hehe.

He just shaved his head for summer.

Meanwhile Peter (age 15) and friends
were just hangin' out nearby.

Peter's on the left. He will enter high school
in the fall. I think he's sweet on Candace,
the young lady in front.

And Gregory (age 17) is quite the artist.
Here he is showing off his unfinished drawing
of one of his heros, B.B.King.

After dinner Peter got a guitar lesson from big brother, Gregory, quite an accomplished guitarist. He was playing in a Christian rock band called "Pearl," up until a few weeks ago. Gregory is a focused young man intending to graduate high school one semester early, like next January. Between his art and his music he will go far in this world. You should see his cartooning abilities.

Question for today ... "If you recognized that there was a specific location on the planet that could give you greater energy to awaken to higher consciousness, would you go there?"

Page 21, "Earth, the Cosmos and You."
Revelations by Archangel Michael

One Hint: Belen, New Mexico.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Dateline: Evanston, Wyoming ... I did make it to Evanston yesterday with a happy reunion with son Greg, wife Cathy and their 2 boys, Gregory 17 and Peter 15. What a fun bunch! I was exhausted and forgot to take pictures, but will in short order. Today is catch-up day, because SURPRISE I am online for both email and the internet, and it's the first of the month and time for paying others their due. Now I can relax. No rain, plenty of sunshine, it can't get any better than this.

Here's a picture I took of the family on my visit last summer, 2003.

Here's a pic I took of Flaming Gorge, Wyoming, on my way home last year.

Something to think about ... If you knew that there was an adventure to help you remember your inherent wholeness and life-giving spiritual essence, would you be willing to start exploring it? Page 1, Earth, the Cosmos and You .. Revelations by Archangel Michael.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Dateline: Salt Lake City. Good Morning ... well, the holiday came and went. I thought I would have oodles of time to do nothing and to play with this blog and add lots of fun pictures. So much for pleasant dreams. it is now Wednesday (egads, what happened to Tuesday?) Motosat continues to fiddle with my satellite. I have all NEW parts and we still are stumbling. The last challenge is that Tim, the wonderful tech who is so helpful and assigned himself to me ... I feel sooo pampered, went up on the roof this morning and, alas, the hardware parts are connected together with Allen screws... and so he has disappeared to find the proper wrenches. The last bastion to look to get my system running well is with the hardware on the roof, a computer, and another new positioner to try. The new 4020 is all hooked up, was running smoothly at the shop yesterday .... and, you guessed it, does not operate so well here in my coach. The entire crew is really stumped! Mercury has to be in retrograde! Anybody know?

So while I talk to my private elementals and give them support to help me get back on the road ... my kids in Wyoming are waiting anxiously for me to show up ... hopefully this afternoon. Well, here comes Tim so I will send a great picture of the twins who are nearing 3-1/2 years. Sophia and Brent ... the current loves of my life.

This was taken Easter Sunday, 2004

Another Easter pic with their dad, Andrew.