Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Another Day in Paradise .... Between schlepping between house and Brightwing, this poem just came in my email. I think it fits the bill perfectly this fine morning.

I have no need to save others.
I have no need to rescue others.
I have no need to outshine anyone.
I have no need to out-think, out-perform, out-produce anyone - including myself.
I do not need to know anything.
I do not need to be an expert.
I do not need to fix anyone, or change anything.
I do not need to dazzle, impress, or inspire anyone.
I do not need to be the hero of my own story.

In truth, I am organic, evolving, and fallible.
I allow things to unfold naturally, and I trust the flow. I joyfully accept and experience my humanity.
I need nothing.
All already is.

Blessed be.

~Aaliyah LivingWell~

Dowsing the Celestorium .....

The Celestorium is the beginnings of the Hathor (Ancient Egyptian Civilization) Sound Healing Temple on the West Belen Mesa, brought into being with the help of Tom Kenyon and his Hathor friends. This piece of land is very close to my 10-acre home site on this beloved mesa that is so dear to our Harmonious Earth Community hearts. (Click on the underlined words.)

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Anonymous said...

I would love to visit your West Belen Mesa and to visit the Celestorium. Everything seems so peaceful there with your friends and the earth and the sky, and I like the poem that came to you. I happened upon this site by accident looking for something about the Celestorium and vortex portals. I wish I knew how it felt to be there. I teach in New Orleans and am off from July25th - August 9th. Interested in a Sound Healing Bed and Breakfast group? starting with Belen and New Orleans? Let me know or just to say hello. Donna dcollins24@cox.net