Sunday, June 27, 2004

Belen, NM .... Well, it's Sunday afternoon and clouding over. It did this yesterday and, wow, what a thunder and rain storm. It plops an inch or two and disappears. Good news for this drought ridden area.

I believe I left off with going to the movies on Friday. Five of us finally gathered to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" and what a whopper. We all enjoyed it immensely. Michael Moore is a very talented person. I can see how he won the Cannes Film Festival, especially since the Europeans dislike Bush and the movie is good, so how could it miss over there? The jury is still out in America as to its success. A meal at Mimi's after completed a satisfying day in Albuquerque. The country folk came to town, hehe.

Saturday I stayed in the county, Valencia, that is, and went to the VACARA Field Day for amateur (ham) radio operators, of which I am one, tra=la. Our community had a class in January just before I left on "the trip" and I managed to pass, squeaked through is more like it. Amateur clubs all over the world have a once a year 24-hour radio-a-thon (don't exactly know whatcha callit) and it is a competition to see how many stations you can contact in that marathon. Don't think there are any grand prizes, but those men are dead serious ... and they have a lot of fun. Another reason for the field day is to check all the equipment, always ready for that emergency or crisis that hams all over the world are known for and are oftentimes first responders.

Our class of 10 last January will become the beginnings of our mesa's civil defense team.

The day began with a BBQ lunch and then the heat drove the newbies home, whew! As usual, the ladies all had call signs on their badges but I only saw them working the food. So what else is new? Nothing much has changed there.

Anyway, I took some pictures to prove I was there, I guess, and here are some fellas seriously working the "key" doing Morse Code at a fast pace. On closer look, I don't see any fingers on the key, but I swear that's what they were doing.

It was nice to see community member Joan Smith there, and I'm sorry, I don't know the gentleman's name she is sitting next to.

Ed Clibborn of our community sat across from me while eating lunch, so it was easy to snap him.

Gary Plapp sat next to me, so I couldn't shoot a picture so well, and, of course, I forget to take pictures of me. Oh, well.
And I forgot to snap the fellow cooking the hotdogs and hamburgers. He had a hot job.

This club meets once a month all year round, so maybe I will get involved. I am NOT a person who knows an ohm from an amp and never will. Interestingly, I did this thing in the early 1970s and passed barely then. At that time you had to pass Morse Code at 5 words per minute and your license was only good for 2 years. Somehow the license lapsed, and here I am again doing it all over. LOL.

Ooohh, a giant wind is whipping up ... nasty. It can do that in New Mexico. It came from nowhere. I am in the trailer and it's a rockin' and a rollin'. So here's a soothing picture to quiet the nerves ... a beautiful place high up in the Rockies near Red River Valley ...I went through there last summer. It's somewhere between Montrose and Durango, Colorado.

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