Saturday, June 05, 2004

Dateline ... Evanston WY .... Good Morning; it's Saturday. Free weekend minutes on the cell phone. Gorgeous weather just hangin' out with my kids. Cathy promised me a lemon pie and here she is with pie in progress.

And here's the result ... yum!

Son Greg loves to lick the bowl, just like
when he was a little kid ...
do they ever grow up? hehe.

He just shaved his head for summer.

Meanwhile Peter (age 15) and friends
were just hangin' out nearby.

Peter's on the left. He will enter high school
in the fall. I think he's sweet on Candace,
the young lady in front.

And Gregory (age 17) is quite the artist.
Here he is showing off his unfinished drawing
of one of his heros, B.B.King.

After dinner Peter got a guitar lesson from big brother, Gregory, quite an accomplished guitarist. He was playing in a Christian rock band called "Pearl," up until a few weeks ago. Gregory is a focused young man intending to graduate high school one semester early, like next January. Between his art and his music he will go far in this world. You should see his cartooning abilities.

Question for today ... "If you recognized that there was a specific location on the planet that could give you greater energy to awaken to higher consciousness, would you go there?"

Page 21, "Earth, the Cosmos and You."
Revelations by Archangel Michael

One Hint: Belen, New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Yes. That's what I'm looking for...with an elementary school to work at, a reasonably priced home, and a community of peaceful creative people and a place to walk and roam, maybe find some crystals nearby, where there's a stream or some form of water...getting ready for tomorrow. July 8th...Donna

cindie said...

waw ! is it ur son ?? He's pretty georgous !!!