Sunday, June 06, 2004

Dateline ... Evanston WY ... Good Sunday morning. Another gorgeous day with the Stone family. They are off to their church and I am preparing for a 3-hour telephone conference call back home with my Harmonious Earth Community, sharing in the doings of a big meeting regarding our community bylaws, preparing for our non-profit status filing soon. Thank goodness for this modern technology. Later today Cathy's sister and hubby will arrive and we shall break bread together.

Meanwhile thoughts turn to "home" wherever and whoever that is in my life, a world of wonderful people I call "family." I found a collage I made up for another purpose and let's see if it will transfer over to here.

It looks like it did. So this is who's who or what's what:

Top row: my home in Belen NM; Brightwing at home in the backyard; my Evanston Stone family.

Middle row: Andrew and Karyn; Andrew and the twins, Sophia and Brent, age 3-1/2.

Bottom row: Logan, age 10, son of David; Sophia and Alex; son-in-law Forrest; Adam and Danielle, Malia and Debbie.

In case you're still wondering:

Andrew 26, Adam 23 and Alex 19 are brothers, sons of Karyn, my daughter, and Forrest, my son-in-law.

Greg Stone is my youngest son, married to Cathy, and their 2 sons are Gregory 17 and Peter 15.

Logan Stone, 10, is the only child of David Stone, my oldest son.
(David has a daughter from a teenage indiscretion, Pia, who was adopted out) and she returned to our family and our hearts about 10 years ago, and Pia has 2 children)

Sophia (we have big Sophie and little Sophie) is Alex's girlfriend. Forrest is my son-in-law, as mentioned before; Adam and Danielle are a couple, headed for the Peace Coreps the last I heard, and the last picture is my former daughter-in-law, Debbie, now married to Jim Coyle, and she is holding their daughter Malia, age 3 this month.

I consider Malia a granddaughter. Debbie is forever in my heart and I adore Jim. So this is a picture of my immediate family, my children and theirs and theirs. That makes me a great grandma and I LOVE it. More tomorrow.

A thought to consider:

"If you knew that sacred geometry would raise the spiritual vibration of your buildings, would you dare experiment with new designs?"

Page 37, "Earth, the Cosmos and You,"
Revelations by Archangel Michael.

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