Thursday, June 10, 2004

Dateline ... Highlands Ranch CO ... hey, good morning, and a sunny one it is, too. It's always hard to believe how several days can pass by unnoticed, hehe. I left Evanston Tuesday at noon and got to Rawlins in time to nap before dinner ... I had gotten up early.

Wednesday was a dash to the Denver area and Highlands Ranch, at least it's nearby. Am settled in at Chatfield State Park. Was here before in August 2002 and am about 20 minutes away from where friend Jean Massey lives in Highlands Ranch. A hail storm and tornado threatened, but it all passed in due time leaving a lot of water. Today 4 of us, all high school classmates, will gather for lunch at Jean's.

I would like to remark here that the last time I drove across Wyoming was with my family as a child and my memory and family talk about Wyoming is/was that the state was long, FLAT, boring, miserable ... and that was my belief until this week.

Wyoming is very hilly with long, sweeping climbs up and down, and BEAUTIFUL. It got prettier and prettier as I traveled east towards Cheyenne. And, of course, traveling now as opposed to the 1930s is a huge difference in roads, a car with no A/C, small, cramped, radiator overheating ... it's always nice to update one's belief system.

I took some pictures last night of the post stormy sky from the parking lot of Sweet Tomatoes in Littleton (one of my favorite places to eat ... and, yes, I had been there before and found it exactly where it sat last time, yum!

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