Monday, June 14, 2004

Dateline ... Belen, New Mexico .... hooray, I'm back at home all parked in the rear yard with satellites up and roaring to go. The outside temp is HOT, 92 degrees, but the dry heat doesn't seem so bad. The roses and cacti have finished their first bloom, so here's pics from last year. Nothing much has changed except everything has grown taller and thicker. The native grasses are much taller. Not sure how you trim that. The lavender sage is absolutely gorgeous, and it is arrayed outside my office window (Office, meaning Brightwing's living room, which is office no matter where I am.)

The first order of business was dinner last night. Patty's Corner (a neighborhood restaurant) sold while I was gone and a family (mom, dad and 2 sons ... son #1 is a Culinary Arts Institute, Napa, trained gourmet chef ... I am salivating already) bought the restaurant, redecorated and renamed it the Wild Boar Steakhouse. Dinner was quite good and will get better as soon as I can speak with Son #1. He was off last night. My smile is huge as I write this. So on with the pictures to remind you of where home is ... and more later.

Diane Whitaker, my house mate in Belen, is a Master Gardener and here is her garden, yum!

And here's Diane.

The roses and the lavender, my two farorite scents of all time, are gloriously in bloom right outside Brightwing's livingroom/office window. That's the hot tub in the upper left.
Quan Yin overlooks everything. She's awesome. She faces Brightwing parked just ahead of her. Her protective gaze is a good thing.

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