Monday, June 07, 2004

Evanston WY ... another lovely day. Debbie (Stone) Coyle just sent me this picuture of daughter, Malia, turning 3 next weekend.
And here she is ... a delight of my life ....

Malia Coyle - age 3.bmp

Sorry you have to click on the picture. It is a bitmap image and this is the way it comes out.

Am off to Greg and Cathy's for breakfast. She and the boys will be off to camp later this week and I will head on down the road tomorrow toward Cheyenne and then south to Denver to meet up with my Denver round robin ladies.

Oh, the round robin. This is a letter that has been going on unbroken since 1948 (year of graduation from high school) among nine women, all classmates. We have had many physical reunions through the years and other occasions such as the upcoming one with four of us (since 3 live in the Denver area.)

Here we are the last time we were together two years ago. I think we're lookin' pretty good.

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