Monday, July 12, 2004

Belen NM .... Crazy Monday and I still cannot find the Farmer's Market pictures. So I can find the ones I took at the Harmonious Earth Community meeting on Saturday.

Driving up I spot a Hummer in the drive so know I'm at the right place. Nathan started out with Lincoln Town Cars, then Lincoln Navigators and now Hummers for all the folks who work for him. Gil and Danna work for him.

This is Gil and Danna's house in the summertime with a green lawn. It is so colorful due to Mike Melendrez' "Trees That Please" beasties ... that's another whole story .... part of the story is that New Mexico was once a FOREST of 38 species of oak trees. Many in our community want to replant the mesa and we have a beeline to one million trees available in a grant ... so we're workin' on it.

The gathering started off with a potluck and here's Louise cookin' the chicken.

While checking out the chicken I looked over at the community garden and saw the corn as high as an elephant's eye ....

After lunch we had our meeting with wonderful people all sharing their ideas and trying to follow an agenda ... well, sort of ... and we have what we call a Guardian leading us through the maze. Today's Guardian is Charmian ... sharing an outstanding medidation.

Here's Gil during a break ...

The afternoon concluded with a new guest, Nicolette, sharing her channeling skills with the group. (No picture).

And I drove home to my little neighborhood past Del Fuego Park and turned right down Dulcinea to the end, where I live. After Cecelia and I stopped in at the Wild Boar for a late, yummy dinner.
She stayed the night to drive home to Albuquerque in the cool of tomorrow morning.

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