Monday, August 02, 2004

Good Monday Morning .... Hey, we're into August ... as the time just zips on by. Our pleasant high 70s temperatures have melted away and it's back to high 90s during the day. The weekend was busy with tenants moving out, new people looking for a new home, and a small group of us went to the movies on Sunday.

First we saw "Outfoxed," a documentary on the Fox News Channel, and then stayed on to watch another documentary called "The Corporation." A full afternoon of sitting in a hot, (A/C wasn't working too well) arts-house-type, small theater in ABQ. But it was fun. It's been a long time since the owner of the theater, a 40-something, and his volunteer friends made announcements from the front, the crowd cheered, we ate popcorn and settled in with new friends to watch the day's fare (5 hours, a marathon.)

By dinner time everyone disappeared except for Ed, Gary, and me, (we had carpooled together) so we turned towards home and took in the Luna Mansion for a relaxed, yummy dinner. Here's a mesa sunset to close down the day ....

This beauty courtesy of Jim Van Hoose.

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