Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunny Sunday in Belen .... good morning! Well, I have some new pictures for you today from our wild and wacky storm and the famer's market on Friday. Such excitement LOL. Last Monday was a rain storm, the likes of which I have never experienced. Diane and I were running from window to window and then out to the patio with a metal roof, omigod! The noise of the rain hitting the roof was sooooo loud that we could not hear each other talk, imagine that. It turned out that a little hail was mixed in to increase the decibels and we were awestruck. The rain seemed to just plop, then was over, then we had a weird sky. I ran for the camera and this is how it turned out. A gorgeous double rainbow ... however, the pictures turned out brown.

Same camera, several days later and the colors at the farmer's market are bright and yummy. Still trying to figure out what was happening after that storm. What was in the air to make the pictures turn out in the shades they did? It happened so fast that there wasn't time to stop and look and try to figure out. I just pointed and shot.

Friends, Ann and Wayne Larson, are kind of cropped out
of this picture, but their farm is lush and lovely and nearby.

This is friend, Beth Crowder. She keeps us in eggs year
round and other goodies. Her Christmas boutique in her
home in December provides many gift items that she and
hubby, Les, make. He's the beekeeper, honey and candle
person. His picture did not turn out well. Will catch him
next time.

I love the Farmer's Market. More next week.

Guess I should mention (this is a diary) that many of us convened on Wednesday night back at the Valencia County Courthouse and the fireworks sorta flew. In a nutshull, the 1999 Valencia County Zoning Ordinance was declared invalid (don't know why yet ... I can guess) and an emergency was announced so the commissioners could declare a moratorium for 2 weeks to get direction on where this is going. As mentioned before, our community is very much against a large polluting power plant being built, designated heavy industry in a light industry park. So there will probably be lawsuits and other undesirable results, but you can bet this citizen is keeping a watchful eye.

And to end the week, yesterday, Saturday, the Harmonious Earth Community had its monthly potluck and meeting and we oohed and ahhed over Gary Plapp's computer rendition of our vision for a community center. The boat seems to be launching. Still working on the papers to file the non-profit status, but we are now a bonafide New Mexico corporation, hooray.

May God Bless and Keep You All Safe and Happy and Healthy .....


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