Sunday, September 26, 2004

Kerrville, Texas .... just a quick note to say that I arrived safely this afternoon at my first destination this trip, Kerrville TX. My first time driving in and through the Texas Hill Country and because of all the rain, it truly is a beautiful spot. (Never thought I could say something good about Texas) Because of the altitude of 1700 feet, this area seems to escape the humidity problem. This is also a very gorgeous RV park! The rally begins on Thursday (this is Sun.,) but there is lots to explore. Tonight there were probably 20 people at a community potluck, folks already here. It's fun to be early rather than late. Nice people. It's also 11:20 p.m. so g'nite.

Thank you to my angels, guides and teachers for the safe trip ... the time just flew on by. Sirius radio helps.

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