Saturday, October 02, 2004

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort .... Days 3 and 4 .... the rally is over and we have the afternoon off (to play golf) and will gather again at 6:00 for a farewell Texas style BBQ. So I get to play catch-up.

The Motosat guys arrived from Salt Lake City at dinner time Wednesday evening, and for me it was fun renewing old friendships. Jim Pendleton kicked off the rally with a rousing welcome and spent a bit of time going through Motosat's interesting history. What fun to be part of such a saga, cutting edge technology that Jim would not let fall through the cracks.

Here's Jim ....

Next Jim introduced Royal Lamb, currently VP of Production, but in the beginning they all wore any hat that fit.

Here's Royal ...

Love that red shirt. Between Royal and Ed Travis, the two of them kept us pretty occupied for the rest of Thursday and all day Friday. Ed is their chief engineer and between them they have developed 5 new Motosat products this year, whew! Busy boys. They brought the new toys with them and they were all on display throughout our time together. A silent auction is happening right now to hopefully deliver all the goodies to new owners by later tonight.

Here's Ed ....

There are many fine sponsors of this event and 3 meals a day have been catered and served starting with breakfast Thursday morning. Many fine prizes have been won by just about everyone during a raffle each evening after dinner. Yours truly won a package of 24-minute-in- length CD-Rs, which can come in mighty handy. I have not seen those yet, so learned about a new product.

A little gadget that I covet is a San Disk, a penlight sized affair that has a USB port on one end, you plug it in and you can capture 128 MB info off anyone's computer and transfer it to your own. Like on the Motosat computer are 2 pictures, one with a large field of blue lights on all the DataStorms impressively shown that I would like to share with you, and coulda if I had one of those gadgets. The second picture is a roomful of folks showing off their new blue light key chains (with the lights out). The blue light is a signature for the DataStorm. I received my blue light special this trip. (My system is an original and blue lights had not come into play then.) That was worth the whole trip. And I got my birds on the wire "fixed," so now can receive both satellites 110 and 119 for the Dish Network simultaneously. Guess I'm boring you totally by now, so will move on.

During different breaks George and Charlene Campbell brought in their magnificent Raffin organ (only 4 of these in the world, or is it the US?) In any event it's a rarity, all hand made in Germany and the man who makes them is getting quite old.

Here's George showing off his delightful music machine...

And when you volunteer, you get to wear the little Swiss hat ....
This is Phillip.

There is a monkey somewhere. Maybe he will come out tonight.

Got to spend some time chatting with Orene Clarke and
Larry Brown from across the table. The State of Texas
is sort of in the middle there, but they are very clever
centerpieces on each table. As far as I can tell, they are
the only other ones here who intend not to vote for Bush.
But I haven't talked to everyone yet, you see. And the
subject doesn't necessarily come up, doncha know. The
first debate was Thursday night, so there was a little talk,
but not much. Probably a good thing.

Caught a Kerrvile sunset last night, except this is facing East!

This is an array of the products that Motosat brought to the rally. The platform for this blog changed some time back and I don't know how to move a "picture" to some place else, dratz. In its former incarnation I dealt with URLs, not pictures. Oh, well. I'm trying to tell a story chronologically.

Birds on a Wire (below)

DataStorm Dish (below) that I'm all excited about. Aren't you glad you asked?
This is a new, gray colored dish finished with a coating so slick that rain, snow
moisture of any kind cannot stick to it, and so neither can the DataStorm logo
stick to this. They buy their dishes from Direcway and the magic is in the
mount and the upper controller and such.

This is the new D-2 controller that is next on my list. I think I will
wait until all the bugs are smoothed out before buying, but this little
gadget will allow me to put up my dish with the push of a button and
bypass the computer. Wow! Dream on, girl!

This morning, Saturday, Don Bradner (below) held a large group hypnotized with his vast knowledge of things computer, and satellites, and networks ... and what a gift. Don is the person who started and continues to maintain the DataStorm Users Group. Pay us a visit if you like. You can find me on the map, #865. The 2 rallies that have occurred both grew out of this group.
Last year was Tampa, Florida. Next year? I heard rumors of California.

The sunset is supposed to be here to finish off this day's message ... but in time I learn these new things and maybe moving pictures around will happen soon.

A thought for today:

Prescription for living a life of integrity, fulfillment and happiness:

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take things personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

From "The Four Agreements" ...
Don Miguel Ruiz.

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