Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Cottondale, Alabama .... Central Time ... hopelessly behind, but I promise to catch up with pictures. To remind me of what I want to share:

1. Pictures from Memphis.
2. Amish Community in Ethridge TN
3. Tennessee River Ride in Chattanooga

Alabama, my first time staying here (need to add Alabama to my states visited). The scenery is hilly, lush, green (because it rains all the time) and HOT, 80 degrees for late October, MUGGY, lots of rain, or it has been since I arrived. I drove thru AL all day yesterday and spent the night and will be driving through the state for most of today. This body looooongs for the Western Sunshine. Again confirming my suspicions of what I intuitively know: Sun, Sun, Dry, Dry is what makes me happy for weather/climate. Time to lower my dish and hit the road. Will be back soon.

Thought for today:

"The great paradox of the 21st century is that,
in this age of powerful technology, the biggest
problems we face internationally are problems
of the human soul." -- Ralph Peters


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