Thursday, November 04, 2004

Casa Grande, Arizona .... hopelessly, helplessly behind, sorry 'bout that. To trace where I've been .... well, after leaving Chattanooga I headed west and just sorta lopped along I-20 in a southwesterly direction connecting with I-10 around Van Horn, Texas. Then it was a mad dash to Las Cruces. It rained and rained every single day. Could hardly wait to get to Arizona. Cruces welcomed me with the biggest rain storm of the year. When it rains that much, nothing dries out ... that does not fit in with my personality. I did connect with Kathe Pass and we went to Old Mesilla for lunch, a delightful day. I have many fond memories of Las Cruces in the 1990s when I went there once a year for four years to the Southwest Dowsers Conference, a joyful experience and lots of stories from there. Unfortunately, that conference is no more ... the organizers have grown older, some have died, some have divorced, and so it goes, as the world turns. I had a long, delightful phone conversation with Bill Munn, who is still there.

I am remembering now driving through Midland-Odessa, Texas, Dubya's country ... egads, how bleak. Chemical companies, everything to do with drilling for oil ... such negative energy I couldn't get through there fast enough.

So after Cruces I went to Tucson, had a wonderful dinner with Doris Walenta, and after a few days of renewing my connections with Tucson, headed to Casa Grande, where I am now preparing to lower my dish and move on to Chandler AZ, southeast of Phoenix, for a rootin'-tootin' Dixieland jazz festival which begins tonight. Maybe while there I will be able to get my pictures ready for this blog and catch up some more. Been playin' catch-up, got tickets for flight and car to California for Christmas.

Today my friend, Margie, in Redding CA is in hospital having major surgery and so is friend, Elizabeth, in the Bay Area. Friend, Char, in Nebraska had knee surgery on Tuesday and the latest report is she is doing just fine. Three good friends in one week, that's a ton of prayers.

And the election has come and gone. God Help us All.

Well, checkout time here is 11 a.m., and so it's time to get this rig ready to roll.
More later ....

Thought for today:

May the Forces of Light Be Empowered to Turn to Good
All Circumstances upon this planet Earth.

May the Forces of Light be Empowered to Turn to Good
All Circumstances within the United States of America.

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