Thursday, February 24, 2005

Catavina, Mexico .... Day 4 ... hey, where's Day 3? Boy, am I behind. But hang in there. Tomorrow we arrive in ... can't find my book to tell you where we will be for two nights ... but have lots of pictures to share. We were in Vicente Guererro last night on Day 3. Today and tomorrow is a 300 mile trek total with NO gas stations. My truck can only go 200-250 miles. Do you think we'll make it? Our angels do. Stay tuned for the exciting photo finish. We'll either get there or be sitting beside the road waiting for a gas truck. What?

Well, guess it's time I publish our song .... sorry, can't even do that. The copy is not where it is supposed to be. But you WILL get to sing it, hehe.


We shove off at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Egads!


We now have a copy of our song that we sing for empowerment every once in awhile.


RVing Women, hear us roar, in numbers too big to ignore
as we travel in our rigs across this land. In this
country we are free to roam, from sea to shining sea,
and it's nice to join a club that understands.


Oh, yes, we are wise, but it's wisdom born of pain.
Yes, we paid the price, but look how much we gained.
If we had to, we can do anything. We are STRONG,


Pull a fifth wheel with your truck, a travel trailer or popup;
If your motorhome's a Class A, B, or C, I don't care what rig you drive,
RVing Women's by your side. We're a sisterhood of women who RV.

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We are not afraid to live as we climb up in our rigs
And set off across America so Free ... see Grand Canyon,
Mt. Rushmore, Our Nation's capitol of course, New York
City, Hollywood and Kentucky????

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So there you have it!


Marilyn was reading to me this morning from her journal while driving along and I was suddenly touched by how differently we are viewing things ... so here's her wonderful perspective on Day 3 ....

Wednesday, February 23rd, Ensenada to Vicente Guerrero ... 110 miles. We found out at the briefing this morning that we would need to go 300 miles without a gas station. Joline said 240 was the most we could go, so we were left with the only choice possible ... go find a gas container and take extra gas with us. I volunteered to walk two blocks (more like four) to Gigante (small parking lot so we didn't want to drive.) I bought a five-gallon water jug (no lid for it so I made one of rolled cardboard). On the way back I went into Napa Auto Parts and bought a two-gallon jug just to be sure we'd have enough.

We left the campground at 9:45. The others preceded us. It was a cloudy day with stretches of sun. The driving was slow as we went through several small villages ... some a dozen or so homes. Santo Tomas was a little larger and is known for its excellent wine. Vineyards could be seen on both sides of the road ... just barren stalks at this time of the year, all in orderly rows with supports for the new branches.

The hills are lovely. Everything is so green! We arrived at the campground about 3 p.m. after very, very carefully driving down a muddy hill and through several large pools of water in the road. Burle (tailgunner) had gone before us and said it was safe. We stayed at Posada Don Diego RV Park which was quite open and nice compared to last night. A restaurant and gift shop was on site. I bought a small white purse for Ciera (granddaughter) here.

We had a briefing at 5:00, then dinner on our own. We ate in the rig ... yummy chicken finished in a heavy cream sauce with Portobello mushrooms and fresh steamed artichokes, my first!
(my wannabee avocation)

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