Friday, February 18, 2005

Thousand Trails Oakzanita Campground, Descanso CA up Highway 79 off I-8 (mountains northeast of San Diego) .... hey, that's a mouthful of where I am these days. Cannot believe it has been way over a month since I last posted. So where to begin? How about the beginning of this journey which I am calling the Baja 2005 Trip?

After completing my 2004 income taxes Hooray! I left Belen on Monday, January 31st headed for Show Low, Arizona, first night out. Other than being cooooold (6300' up there) the weather was delightful. Blue skies and puffy white clouds all the way.

The second night I made it to Queen Valley, Arizona (about 50 miles east of Phoenix on Highway 60) to visit Leah de Bruyn who just bought a home and moved there. I parked out in front for the night and snapped her front view with a giant Suguaro (you know that tall cactus?) Ones this size can be 200 years old. They are protected in Arizona.

Day 3, Wednesday, I arrived in Chandler (sort of a Phoenix suburb) to my favorite RV park in that area, Hacienda Solano Resort, for a week. I just like hangin' out there. It's close to all the things I like to do. There is a good haircutter there, too, and I made sure to get an appointment ahead of time.

So on Thursday I drove down to Casa Grande (half way between Phoenix and Tucson) to visit with Lin and Dave Brenneman from Redding CA who were snowbirding in the area. She is in my Young Living downline and we had never met. So when they took off some months ago to travel around the U.S. for a year we vowed we would meet up somewhere. And so we did. Dig the size of their magnificent home.

Have one more picture of Dave and Lin.

More later.

30 for today!

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