Sunday, March 20, 2005

Another Version of the Bee Story ... like a Letter to the Editor?

by Julie Lawyer ... Another Star Reporter

Dateline: Santispac Beach, BCS ...

My partner is allergic to bee stings. We didn't and don't want your bees to move to our rig. They could be hard to remove and dangerous to allergic people. We were next to you and I asked to move. I talked to the tailgunner. I believe he said "They won't sting you if you don't mash 'em." Not the same as they don't sting. Anaphylactic shock is not fun on vacation or not. We just wanted to move away from you so my partner can enjoy the outside if she wants.

There are breeds of Stinginess Bees in Australia, as well as in Bwindi Forest in Uganda, Brazil, and Costa Rica. I don't think we are there.

Please note that what some may call terrified to others is prudent and reasonable.

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