Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bahia de Concepcion Playa de Santispac ... Sunday 3/20/2005
by Star Reporter Rosalie Woods ...

Julie and I spent a marvelous afternoon yesterday kayaking ...

... mostly observing a nearby small offshore volcanic island where the brown pelicans roost (as well as a colony of gulls). None of the birds were afraid of us, allowing us to float around and among them. We got closest to a pair of oyster catchers who ignored us and went about their business, making their little cries and poking their bright orange pointed bills into the water.

The pelicans roost in colonies. I suppose you could call it a pelican rookery. There were numerous birds in full breeding plumage with their bright yellow topknots and deep reddish orange bills. We even saw some with "fertile" plumage, which is bright red on both sides of the throat from ear to ear. The nests are rather haphazard with the birds taking full advantage of fallen cacti and the large sticks of vegetation. There was busy traffic in and out of what looked like communal areas of roosting from the top of the small mountain to the base where it met the water.

A blue heron ....

It was all very calming and hypnotic to watch. Some folks started worrying about us not knowing that I am a very strong paddler with over 20-years experience in kayaks.

Alas after almost 1½ hours we had to turn back. It was almost evening and the wind had come up with white caps cresting at the end of the island, blowing onto our faces.

Another very special Baja moment.

Not even 11 AM yet and another special moment.

After taking our binoculars out to observe a tri-colored heron fishing in front of our rig, we walked down the beach to a mangrove surrounded lagoon that empties into the bay. We were greeted by a white ibis patiently stalking her prey in the tiny waterbed. Gorgeous bird!

At the end of our stay at this beautiful, awesome beach, we rearranged the rocks from our campfire.

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