Friday, March 18, 2005

Bahia de Concepcion ... (Playa de Santispac) Day 26, 27 and 28 ...

We arrived here this morning close to noon ... what a beautiful white sand beach. Ah, three nights.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we spent two nights at Puerto Escondido (Hidden Harbor) at the Tripui RV Park ... we stayed there also on the way down. Remember the goats?

Our arrival was Day 24 and the driving trip was relaxed, the scenery in reverse (remember there is only one road in Baja, Mexico 1, so it's the same road down and back up.) Somehow going back (so far, driving wise,) is much more pleasant. Maybe it's because as a driver I am now "conditioned" to the narrow roads, NO shoulders, the 18-wheelers and buses, the roaming cattle, the stopped, broken down vehicles in your lane, road workers working within inches of your vehicle, detours, vados (arroyos with flowing water when it rains), topes ... kaBUMP when you miss one, potholes (lots)... it all seems natural now and flowing with life. Well, that's MY movie!

Here are two pictures of our driving views ...

Think our windshield needs washing.

Yesterday was our second day there (Day 25) and we carpooled 15 miles into Loreto, a nice little town, 30,000 inhabs. Marilyn and I drove in together (the others carpooled) and we found a lovely, shaded spot to park on the street in front of a festive building with an interesting window.

As we walked down the steeet into a quaint, older part of the town we saw a group of our own having breakfast at the Cafe Ole. We later came back there for lunch.

We walked on past and came to Posada de las Flores, a hotel. The doors were open and so we stepped inside. The scene, the ambience was breathtaking.

We were told that the hotel was only six years old (one of three built in Baja) and we gasped at that; it looked like hundreds of years old. As we looked up we were told that that was the swimming pool ... on the roof.

I took another picture of the pool because if you look closely you will see legs hanging down. Look close now.

I saved the exterior of the hotel to last, because you will see the persons attached to those legs sitting on the roof, hanging over the edge actually ... whoa there.

We turned the corner to visit the oldest human settlement in the Californias, founded by the Jesuit Juan Maria Salvatierra in 1697 with the establishment of the mission Nuestra Senora de Loreto. (Our Lady of Loreto.)

Just as we started to walk toward the Mission a funeral procession came around the corner headed for the church. We stopped to watch, of course. The casket was in the bed of a pickup truck with all the grieving participants walking behind.

So we walked back to Cafe Ole, had a delicious lunch, and then retreated back to the icecream store (a very popular past time for all on this tour) for a double mango in a waffle cone, yum.

I sat down on one of the benches that surrounds each tree on the street and Marilyn snapped a shot of the trees "stitched" together for blocks at a time.

Driving back to Puerto Escondido we went off road to a place called Juncalita, so the sign said. The road was a doozy but we persisted. BW-2 (my NM vanity plate) does have 4-wheel drive. She can go anywhere. What caught our attention from the road was a beach with RVs on it. This road led to an established community of mostly RVs permanently parked with palapas built up around them and overhead and then other rooms and patios flow from that. They had many beautiful flowers and some had vegetable gardens. Marilyn snapped a few shots as I was hanging on to the steering wheel.

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