Friday, March 11, 2005

Cabo San Lucas, Day 19 ... Baja Fantasy 2005,
a poem by Marilyn Brodhurst ....


With the Southwind* blowing against our back
We headed for Baja, kayaks on rack.
It’s a Trek in need of Titanium nerves,
Complete with vados, topes, and curves!

Among mountains we climb just like an Eagle
Hoping the next Pemex certainly has diesel.
An Adventure it is, but only for the Brave
As we trudge over rocks in search of caves.

The Eurocoach’s Jeep jostles over washboards and ruts
Leading women with Spirit and phenomenal guts
To a waterfall splashing into a jewel-green pool,
While just down the road is a hot spring – “coo-o-ol”!

A Hitchhiker stares as we single file by,
Wondering why Vacationers prefer not to fly.
They see Minnie Winnie – she looks like fun,
And NASA’s Airstream rocket shining in the sun.

No Admiral could be prouder of his seafaring mates
Petting whales over bow, and fishing for bait.
We pull in Dorado, grill fish on the shore,
Swim with sea lions, and roast marshmallows for S’mores.

Our Coachman Catalina has a tool box well packed
To handle any breakage or seal any cracks,
While Isata carries our own Nightingale,
And DataStorm brings us personal e-mail.

No Northern Lights brighten the sky,
But we’ve our own Dutch Star as a beacon of light,
And Sunrise greets us along Pleasure’s Way,
Manana, por favor, muy bien, we can say.

Like an Arrow in flight, we’re steady and sure,
Past La Paz, Los Barriles, to Los Cabos we are lured.
Swingers on the go, we toast with margaritas,
Transformed into lilting, dancing senoritas!

Marilyn Brodhurst © 2005

*italics = rig names

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