Thursday, March 10, 2005

Cabo San Lucas, Villa Serena RV Park ... Day 17 and 18 ... by Rosalie Woods


Days 17 and 18, March 9 and 10, 2005, halfway point.

Hey Frank. Hope you don't mind being just one of the girls.

Notes made at 3 AM when I was wide awake and couldn't figure out how to get on line or remember how to use WORD.

After a short, comparatively painless drive down the eastern coast through the Tropic of Cancer, caravanning only with rig #17, Barb, Linda and their three Schnauzers, we arrived at this metropolis. The change since my last visit a few years ago is most dramatic. The Mexicans have done to this Cape what the Americans have done to Maui. It is wall-to-wall development from the aeropuerto to Land's End-condos and golf courses and tennis courts and luxury hotels. I hear there is even a Wal-Mart Super Store. I hope that is only a nasty rumor. As you would imagine, the traffic is horrendous. Not as bad as Tokyo, Cairo or Boston but horrendous none-the-less. The Mexican highway #1 is now four lanes: actually six counting the frontage roads (laterals). The Costco hot dog/pizza pavilion commands a magnificent view of the town, harbor and Los Arches.

The Villa Serena RV Park was tricky to get into since all turns must be done from a lateral not the main road. It is the first place we have stayed where we are near enough to the highway to hear the considerable road noise

There is a small bar/restaurant/swimming pool on the bluff above and behind us, which is lovely. It seems isolated and Julie enjoyed the 180-degree view of the Sea of Cortez as she took her afternoon swim. We expect to have a lobster dinner there this evening. There was a small fire works display there right before we fell asleep.

Even though we have a good surge protector, the voltage got dangerously high so we decided to unplug the electricity to avoid a blowout. The night was comfortable and a small inverter allowed me to use my CPAP machine. After breakfast we expect to visit a glass factory and pewter smelter in the AM then an afternoon swim and siesta.

All for now with love, Rowzeewoo

With extra hugs and kisses to my darling Isabella Rose from WooWoo

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