Saturday, March 12, 2005

Cabo San Lucas ... Villa Serena RV Park ... Day 20, March 12th,
by Star Reporter Rosalie Woods.

RVing Women Take Kamikaze Glass Bottom Boat Ride

The early morning glass bottom boat ride out to Los Arcos ...

... and Land's End ...

... with Monoliths along the way ...

... where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean ...

... was a bit of a kamikaze trip among all manner of marine craft. Due to the presence of two cruise ships, soon to be three, in the harbor ...

... the water was afloat with the revelers ...

... and other glass bottom boats,

... kayaks,

dive boats, fishermen, yachts ...

... and even a schooner or two.

Apparently it is not the breeding season for the Frigate bird as their rookery was empty except for a few brown boobies gazing down upon us.

So much for looking through a glass bottom boat.


Dinner at Antoine's? No! Lunch at Pancho's? Si!

Joline likes good food so Julie and I (the three gourmands finally found each other) joined her in her truck to El Restaurant Pancho Villa ...

... just off the main drag at the corner of Hidalgo and Zapata Streets. We had excellent parking karma as free curb parking miraculously appeared, not a red or tow away zone, just waiting for us near by. A couple of ex-pats own and obviously lovingly run Pancho's Restaurant and Tequila Bar.

Everything about the place is clean and cheerful-the painted tables and chairs, the Mexican Revolution d├ęcor and memorabilia, the wait staff. Everything is brilliantly colored; no drab anything here.

We wanted to order one of each menu item but considering they have over 500 brands of tequila, including one for $62 US per shot, we exercised some restraint. We did have three courses each, though (in addition to three types of salsa and chips ...

... and a particularly good margarita). That's a Michelada in the center.
Recipe for that is on the Giggling Marlin Day in Los Barilles.

We started with a half order of Sopa De Tortilla,

... the best ever, which consisted of chicken, avocado and corn tortilla strips.

This would have been plenty, but gluttony prevailed and I went on to fish tacos.

The fish was generous quantities of fresh grilled and cubed mahi mahi (aka: Dorado). The good news it was NOT fried. I can't imagine any better anywhere.

Joline and Julie both had chicken tostados and they felt the same about their entree. Not to leave a flan in Baja untested, we all had Flan De Coco (coconut) for dessert, which, to be trite, was to die for; i.e., conscious language, "to live for."

All of this most civilized and leisurely lunch was attended by strolling musicians one of whom kissed Joline on the cheek after the concluding chorus of Besame Mucho.

By then we left for the truck, which remained where we left it, in one piece with all its wheels still attached. By the time we reached Villa Serena RV Park it was swim time for Julie and siesta time for the rest of us until the evening fish fry.


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