Monday, March 14, 2005

Encore At the Villa Serena Bar, March 11, 2005, Day 19
by Star Reporter Rosalie Woods ... 8:30 PM et seq

Some of us so enjoyed the music of Jaime Martinez last night at the lobster dinner we returned to the scene of the crime for an after dinner drink tonight. Marilyn, Julie and I took a flashlight and walked over.

[View along the walk. This house is growing flowers on the roof]

Almost as soon as we entered Jaime began singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" in Spanish. It was lovely. He reminds me of Stevie Wonder a little bit. More like Ferron. We listened to him as we watched another night of fireworks over the Sea of Cortez.

One very nice custom of the Baja people is they don't bug you to hurry up. Once your fanny is planted into a chair, it can stay there all night long which ours did until the musician stopped playing. Our drink of choice this special night was Mexican Coffee which we ordered in order to observe the machinations of the preparer as we were seated too far away from the action the night before to really enjoy the performance. It actually is quite a dessert with tequilla, kahlua,sugar, orange, ice cream etc. among other ingredients.

Even though we understood the words to virtually nothing, the music was beautiful. Jaime sang only one song in English, "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens (who the U.S. now refuses to admit back into our country.) Julie recognized it immediately. It took me a little longer. Actually, a lot.

It was late and we almost postponed going until after the sunset cruise tomorrow. Good thing we didn't. He won't be back before we leave. It was a wonderful evening.


Missed pics from the night before.

More salsa. All the salsa is good,
the hot, hotter and more hot.

Rosalie and Val ....

View of the Sea of Cortez, aka Gulf of California,
from the Villa Serena Restaurante.

View from the sunset cruise a bit earlier this night ....

~~ Sweet Dreams ~~

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