Monday, March 28, 2005

End of the RVW Baja 2005 Fantasy Tours trip for 20 rigs, 35 women and one token male

(Hey, he was a much needed tailgunner, and a good one, too). This blog for this fabulous trip is now completed, but there will be an afterglow for a looong time.

The relevant dates for blog reading are February 22 through March 28, 2005. As the days roll by the various blog entries are archived off to the right of the current page. I will publish here pictures that come to me via email and/or stories that are crying out to be written. So check back often to see what's posted.

For starters, JoAnn Goldsmith sent me a picture from the Monday, March 7th (Day 15) Back Country Day Trip in Los Barriles. In the middle of the day Ann, Val, Shar and Marilyn jumped into the hot springs ...

Rosalie sent an email today stating that she and Julie just arrived home in Benicia, California, "exhausted but safe and sound. Trip home uneventful, thankfully."

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