Friday, March 25, 2005

Ensenada BCN, Estero Beach Hotel and RV Park ... Day 31, 32 and 33 ... Racing for the Border, or so it seems ... not unusual.

Day 31 began what is called the Baja Gas Gap ... a 220 mile stretch with no gas/diesel. That is not a problem with the big rigs, but it really stretches my pickup truck. However, if I can drive it fuel efficiently it's a piece of cake. I did that ... twice, going and coming.

The driving day was very pleasant, especially after we perfected our morning talk with our angels asking that the 18-wheelers only appear on straightaways and that the road be several feet wider ... it was purrrrfect every time. Whew, what a blessing.

More Cardom cactus ...

... and lovely views.

We spent the evening of Day 31 back at Santa Ynez RV Park in Catavina at 1754 feet elevation, which made the temperature rather chilly.

Van and Joy put together a Pinata which they hung in a tree and here's Happy swinging away.

We all shared in the results.

Talk began about crossing back into the U.S. border and what you can take, how much, and customs and all that. Judy said the max on liquor is one liter and she had more than that and did we want to open some bottles and share? Well ... sure. In the end Shar and Marsha also came over to our "house" and those were some bottles ... all prize winning Windsor wines (Merlot) from the Alexander Valley up home in California.

Judy and Diane ...

Shar and Marsha ...

Marilyn with the dead soldiers ...

And a few people slept pretty good all night.

The second half of the Baja Gas Gap was a long driving day, approximately seven hours. Our morning prayer and angel talk went well and the results were fabulous.
We listened for several hours to the Sirius satellite radio, which worked all the way to Cabo San Lucas and is still performing flawlessly. The scenery was breathtaking and my little ol' digital camera cannot capture the magnificence of the Baja in the sweeping panoramas. Here's my best ... not bad ... from a moving vehicle yet.

We arrived in Estero Beach near Ensenada early afternoon of Day 34, March 24th. A group tour of the famous Blow Hole happened this morning (I didn't go so no pictures) and our farewell dinner was tonight, Day 35, boohoo. Some are ready to head for the States, others are sad to go, me included. The farewell pictures will be posted over the weekend. It's a 7 a.m. call tomorrow, egads ... the last of those ... won't miss 'em, for those who know me know I don't move anywhere before noon. I've been a good girl, learned to eat a "rolling" breakfast and take sponge baths all before 7 a.m. and brush my teeth at the rest stop ... such barbarism.

It's been a great ride ... all the way down and all the way back.

That's 30 for today.


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