Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Guerrero Negro BCS ... Benito Juarez RV Park ... Tuesday, March 22, 2005. Today is my birthday!

A lobster dinner at Mario's and it was supposed to be a surprise ... but, the beans got spilled the night before, sort of ... but it was joyous and fun nonetheless.

A four-sparkler cake ...

Thank you all for your gifts of love and joy, a great card ... and No. 74 will go down in history.


I honor in you the divine
that I honor within myself
and I know we are one.


Marilyn wrote this poem as a gift to me ....


by Marilyn Brodhurst

She leads me to the light
Of the open door
And I see myself
As an angel of light ~
The light that she is
Washed from all pain
Of who I thought I was
Or wished to be ~
Reflected only in the beauty
Of her light into the
Child ~ angel that I am.

She leads me to the open door
And my dream vanished
Into the reality of light
Where I walk with no resistance
To what is, but see
Only brilliance of love
Beaming forth from all
Matter and life and there
I stay found in an inner world
Of love divine.


There are several days to get caught up with including:

A Kayaking Day ... by Rosalie Woods
The Pie Irons ...
The Doggie Fashion Show ...
A Little Cottage in the Woods ...
Rice and Beans ...

and other fun stuff ....

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