Thursday, March 17, 2005

Puerto Escondido (Hidden Harbor) BCS .. regressing for a moment ....

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Day 20 ... The Sunset Cruise, Yes, in Cabo San Lucas ... knew something was missing. I find it best to add these snafus right here rather than go back ... it really gets confusing.

So to get on with this story ... let's go back to that Saturday night of March 12th when we all boarded the Oceana for a lovely sail in the breeze, warmed up with margaritas ...

and friendly folk, a little soft music and an anticipated gorgeous sunset ... that was the expectation ...

The birds were flying about wishing us bon voyage ...

... but not to be! Just as we were about to pull anchor and glide seamlessly out into the harbor, a whistle blew, the closing gate flew open and charging down the ramp were at least 50 pre-pubescent teens and their chaperones heading straight for our boat. How could this be? But it was true. They were all lit up and ready to celebrate a young girl's birthday.

So with the music blaring, the kids screaming and running around up and down the aisles stepping on our toes for almost two hours, having the cake with candles, Happy seized the day (or the night in this case) and began dancing with the kids.

And so the sunset arrived as scheduled and was enjoyed by all. I think.

So for a little calm after all that noise ...

"Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are."
-- Chinese Proverb


The Glass Factory Tour ...

One day while visiting Cabo San Lucas, the group traveled to a glass factory to view the blowing of glass and making of glass items. There is a beautiful glass tree, Christmas tree fashion in their lobby.

There is another beautiful window back in their shop ...

... and because I went on a different day, a Saturday and the workers were gone, this is a view of their work space with the kilns, etc.

Why did I go a different day? Well, I missed the original tour and some of my friends came back with THE WATER GLASSES that I coveted in Mulege and could not buy them there because the store was out of stock, dratz. So the extra trip to buy more so I would have a set of eight to take home. Such fun!

The Bees Knees ....

Another little side story ... while parked in the Villa Serena RV Park in Cabo, a swarm of bees decided to locate in the hitch box of my rig, good lord! Believing we are all one, being an environmentalist, believing in life for all things, several of my trip mates are terrified and/or allergic to bees ... what do we do now?

After the others determined that I did not want to kill the bees, and learning from Burle (a master beekeeper) that it was obvious a queen had gotten into the box, it looks like a dandy place for a nest ... that as long as the queen is in the box the worker bees will come from far and wide to assist her, and stay with her, I might add.

So Pam decided to bring over a small barbeque and smoke them out.

That's what a hitch box looks like. Smoking them out didn't work.

I spoke with the head bee deva asking that they move and Marilyn spoke to the queen, who said she was tired and just resting. None of the above seemed to work.

Next Portia told the park owners and I am told that they got someone out to remove the queen, whatever that means and however they did it. We were not home at the time.

The next morning we had more bees than ever. I relented and allowed some wasp/hornet spray to be used. We hitched up and left anyway. These bees do not sting, I am told.

We drove to La Paz via Todos Santos. The next day we had more bees than ever. The same spray was used. They seem immune.

Three days later we left LaPaz and are now in Puerto Escondido ... and the bees are still with us. They do come and go. Does anyone out there know what is happening and know what to do? If so, plese write to me:, thanks.

Not the end of this story, though.

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