Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Sonora, Mexico ...

Since our insurance doesn't expire until mid-August, it intrigued us that we could actually go back into Mexico on our own. We heard a lot about Puerto Penasco on the Sea of Cortez but located in a different area. The safest way to go we were advised was to exit Mexico in Tecate like wew did and travel over US 8 to Gila Bend in Arizona, and go south from there. We arrived in Puerto Penasco Easter Sunday afternoon, end of spring break. Hallelujah! Thank God it was the end!

The town was packed with people. We were able to find a place to park in the Playa Miramar RV park for $17.60 per night down by the beach. If you have expectations you will be disappointed. We settled in and then decided to cruise the town, hehe. There is a one-way road/street that circles through the Old Port part of town (where all the action was) and nothing was moving. We followed a car that turned left out of that mess and we followed him/her out of there, actually found a street parking place, read the local advertisements re restaurants and picked the Costa Brava which was in plain sight. It was a lovely choice to eat, obviously caters to Americans (English speakers) which takes the adventure out of the experience, but, hey, it's okay at times.

Tiredness and common sense took over after that and we went back to the rig to settle down for the night. The night was looonnng ... kaboom, kaboom, kaboom BANG, (cherry bombs?) and fireworks all night long with the revelers going to day break. The town cleared out very fast by early Monday morning and the clean up crew went to work and did a very good job of digging out the trash and cleaning the streets. Marilyn talked to someone on her early morning walk who told her that the town had just gotten the street sweeper. Good timing.

Monday we became tourists and went back to the Malecon (the boardwalk area), saw the fish markets, the views and had lunch.

This is the view from the Malecon .... notice the parasailer in the distance. Marilyn did this in Cabo San Lucas. I did it 30 years ago in Acapulco, once was enough.

And another view ...

This man sells candied fruits and colorful items to eat ...

Walking a little further along, this statue is quite large, The Shrimpman ...

Rocky Point is so named (I'm guessing here) because of the rocky beach ...

We stepped into Lily's for lunch and I ordered this very attractively served chicken quesadilla ...

This is a restaurant built out over the water.

After a couple of hours in the fish market area and the Malecon, we drove 8 miles out to Sandy Beach ... where they are building a jillion highrise apartment/condos/whatevers ... welcome to Waikiki, you name it. It was swarming with families mainly, all seeming to have a good time swimming, water skiing, sunbathing and enjoying the various pools. No golf course, no nothin' ...

And the beach is sandy ... how'd you guess?

Marilyn gifted Brightwing with a wash job ... the price in Mexico is far superior than in the U.S. and with that we left this morning headed for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument just back over the border into Arizona.

Those pictures will show up on the next edition of this blog.

30 for today and g'nite.


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