Monday, March 28, 2005

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Sonora, Mexico ... hey, how did we get here?

The urge to check out this place on Mexico's west coast along the Sea of Cortez began to germinate shortly before our 34-day tour ended. Guess we didn't get enough of Mexico. No way, Jose. But before continuing on with this little adventure there are stories to tell and pictures to post.

Our Fantasy Tour spent our last two days (Day 33 and 34) at the Estero Beach RV Park near Ensenada culminating in our farewell dinner at their restaurant. My camera was having a bad hair day so the pictures are limited. Maybe that's a good thing.

Our wagonmasters presented each of us with our very own Easter basket filled with goodies and our tailgunners gave each of us a memento from Estero Beach.

I caught Burle and Happy as a last gasp ...

And squeezed out one more picture of Pat Vine celebrating her birthday. The cake was provided by the restaurant and it was one of the best cakes I ever tasted.
This one's a fake. They had the real deal all cut and ready to serve once the candles were out.

That's saying a lot more than for the food, which was probably the worst meal I had on the whole trip ... mainly because it seemed to be stale, prepared way ahead, the tacos were tough ... well, 'nuff said. We had already turned in our trip evaluations so this one got missed ... Fantasy, are you reading?

The next morning was busy getting ready to leave early at 7:00 amid the lingering goodbyes ... 34 days together through thick 'n thin creates some pretty tight bonds and longlasting friendships. Initially there were to be two exit strategies; one group crossing the border at San Diego and the other crossing 43 miles east of San Diego at Tecate. I don't know if there ever was a San Diego group but we were in the caravan heading for Tecate. We traveled for three hours through some of the most gorgeous farmland, gentle hills, vineyards and roadside flowers that I have EVER seen. It also was the Ruta de Vino, a wonderful wine making area of Mexico. What a surprise. Reminds me of what Napa Valley might have looked like fifty years ago.

Many folks seemed to be dreading the U.S. Customs crossing, but Marilyn and I did a little visualization and prayer beforehand and our crossing was swift, easy and uneventful. Hooray! Several of us headed out Highway 94 which would eventually put us onto I-8 to Yuma. Through the CB I heard continuous exclamations of joy and ecstasy over the increased size of the road, a steady single and/or double line and such happiness over being back stateside.

I found a pay phone at a small oasis to call Verizon to reinstate my cell phone which had been on vacation hold since February 22nd. The pay phone was attached to a small place advertising "Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Icecream." Tasted pretty good after such a long absence. Well, not the icecream.

So we continued on to Foothill Road about 14 miles east of Yuma and found a neat little RV park called Foothill Village. We slept pretty good ... it had been a long day and we lost an hour, going forward into Mountain Time. Didn't even put up the satellite. Joline must be sick. No, just tired. But the next morning we were all rested and hip to go to Puerto Penasco. We turned south at Gila Bend and stopped at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument ...

Marilyn snapped this one of me in a lovely setting out back of the ranger station.

Our intention is to spend one night in their campground on our way back to Tucson later this week.

My email brought this to me today and I am guided to share it with you.

Love and Ego

"We are not responding to this instant . . .
if we are judging any aspect of it.

The ego looks for what to criticize.

This always involves comparing with the past.

But love looks upon the world peacefully and accepts.

The ego searches for shortcomings and weaknesses.

Love watches for any sign of strength.

It sees how far each one has come and not how far he has to go.

How simple it is to love and exhausting it is always to find fault,
for every time we see fault we think something needs to be done about it.

Love knows that nothing is ever needed but more love.

It is what we all do with our hearts that affects others most deeply.

It is not the movements of our body or the words within our mind
that transmits love.

We love from heart to heart."

-- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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