Saturday, June 18, 2005

Belen ... a lazy Saturday in June ... almost the full moon and Summer Solstice
The trip to Kansas City was a delight. Travel went smoothly both ways, though long with all the terminal waiting and early arrival to catch the terrorists, egads!

Albuquerque to Kansas City has a weird flight schedule, two times daily, 6:10 a.m. or 7:35 p.m. either way. I chose the early flight going and the late one coming back. Char, who was driving from Nebraska City, Nebraska, picked me up at the airpot on her way into town and we met Kay John Helms at the hotel and off we went to the Elephant Bar for lunch. That began a fun, hilarious weekend with women I have known since 1942. We continued on together through high school, scattered for college and marriage with family ... but we (9 of us) stayed connected through the process of a Round Robin letter ... it goes around and around like the Energizer Bunny ... you take out your old letter and put in a new one. From time to time we would have a live reunion and lately they are more often as we get older. We don't want to miss a thing! Six of us made it this time and here we are:


The garden view from our rooms ...

Our departure date was Monday and everyone had a flight home at a decent hour. Mine was 7:35 p.m., remember? The suttle to the airport was $45, so I decided to rent a car for the day and did just that and drove myself to the airport. It was a fun, wonderful day. I found a large regional library near the airport and spent several hours there checking email and doing a little business. Mimi's Cafe, one of my favorites, was right around the corner for a delicious lunch. The car seat folded flat so an after lunch nap was in order.

I have to say that Kansas City is a beautiful metropolis. The trees are magnificent. The natives are most friendly. Shopping and food? You'd think you were in the SF Bay Area. Drawback? Weather, of course. We did experience some rain and the frequent tornado watches, ho-hum, but that doesn't compare to what happens in the winter time. Shhh-h-h, I know. I grew up in Nebraska, remember? Well, maybe you don't.

I had intended to go to a movie in the p.m. but had so much fun just driving around that, poof, it was time to return the car and head for the gate.

Will end this by saying that I have a ticket for California for Wednesday and will be flying out there for a week. This is support the airlines month. Looking forward to it.

This is home now and the memory I leave while traveling, the West Belen Mesa with the Manzanos to the East. Photo courtesy of friend Jim Van Hoose.

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