Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good Sunday Morning from Monticello, Utah ... Day 3
Am on the road again, hooray, for a spin around Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Time? 6-8 weeks.

Left Belen at 12:45 p.m. on Friday, July 8th, after stopping for new trailer tires at Big O. Crossed the Continental Divide and arrived in Bloomfield NM exhausted at 4:30 p.m. and slept for 14 hours. Whew! Preparing to leave on a road trip is somewhat tiring.

Woke up a new woman and proceeded on through Cortez CO and into UT for the night, here at Mountain View RV Park. A nice little oasis where my satellite went up without a hitch and we're on the way to Salt Lake City to attend the Young Living Essential Oils annual convention. Trudy Clawson will fly in from California to join me on Tuesday, the 12th.

Meanwhile, to catch up .... I flew to Oakland CA on June 22nd, rented a car and drove to Marin to spend a week with daughter Karyn and family, and friends. The week flew by, naturally, and I ended the week with Harmonious Earth friends in Livermore and Alameda before flying home on the 28th. Took lots of pictures and here are just some. It's hard to choose.

Here are my 3 grandsons, boys of Karyn and Forrest Craig.

Adam ...................... Andrew/Stephanie

........................and Alex.

Daughter Karyn with THE TWINS, Sophia and Brent, age 4-1/2 (father Andrew)

And tucked in for the night .... (my blog program has made some changes to the format and I don't know the drill yet)

One morning old, dear friend, Clyde Brehm, and I met for brunch.

Friend Cindi (see picture below Clyde) remodeled an old house into a spanking new little cottage in Novato. The prices are still steep ... will you believe $679,000 for a thousand sq. feet?
Next is Shakira. We met in around 1987. Met for breakfast at the Golden Omelette in Novato. On my last morning Karyn and I went to the Half Day Cafe for a breakfast only they can prepare, omigod, and sitting right next to us is Kristiina and Michael, my former tenants in the little house out back in San Rafael. We were a family on that piece of property.

I left Marin after a wonderful week and drove to Alameda to pick up Patricia Burke to continue the drive to Livermore for lunch with hostest Barbara Rawles, and other old friends, Gloria Kasdan and Diane Moriarty. We all began our journey together with the Harmonious Earth Community back in around 1995. Many of us have moved to New Mexico since then and some remain in California, always such fun to get together, break bread and have a grand ol' visit. (The pictures won't download/upload? just yet. Later.)

The flight home was normal, except now one has to change planes in Phoenix, a drag ... but BW-2 (my awesome truck) was waiting for me at the Park 'n Fly.

One more highlight in my life before signing off and preparing to move on out .... several of us gathered at Gary Plapp's for the 4th of July ... a potluck supper and fireworks. Gina Polsinelli (Gary's sig. other) was visiting from California, Tom Fesenmeyer, Cecelia Downer, Sally McClure, Sharon Mayo and me all showed up for a glorious 4th. I forgot my camera, for shame.

And another highlight (with no pictures) We have a focus group in our community named the grantwriting/reforestation project. We are learning to write grants and the initial project is to reforest New Mexico (once a forest of 38 species of oak and redwood) and we intend to start with our West Belen Mesa with one million trees. Yes, one million! I did manage to attend a number of their twice monthly meetings during the 2-1/2 months I was in town.

All for now. Time to shove off for Moab UT (one of my favorite places on earth), then Green River, Salida, Provo/Springfield and the KOA in Salt Lake City by tomorrow noon. See you next time.

30 for today.