Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Christmas Present to Myself ... a new house ...

Pangs of domesticity hit around mid-November. Moving to New Mexico in January 2002 I was in a hurry to hit the road and I never really unpacked. So here's how it unfolded.

Painting and redecorating is such a mess. A lot of scrubbing and elbow grease. That's a Murphy bed on the right side that got moved to the end wall ... wow, what a good idea. In the very back you are looking into the large bedroom/office area ... which did not get touched this go round ... that room housed all the stuff from the living area while we were arranging things.

A father and son did the whole paint job in one day ... 16 hours. The Murphy bed is now moved, didya notice?

I decided on a red wall ....

The new furniture and rugs arrived and the place is transformed.

The pictures from California got unpacked and laid out ....
The last picture is looking into the kitchen area. The bathroom got the works, too, and the kitchen got freshened up with paint and new curtains. I am so pleased with it all that I might never want to leave .... well, not for awhile anyway.

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