Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quartzsite, Arizona .... ooh, boy, a looooong time since I posted here.

Well, the entire month of October 2005 was spent in Arizona with friend Marilyn ... remember her? ... attending the dowsing conference in Flagstaff, then moved on to Scottsdale for a "What the Bleep" conference, and then visited in Phoenix and Tucson, arriving home on November 2nd. And Marilyn flew back to the East Coast.

Housemates Diane and Lea had moved to Prescott AZ while I was gone and the house seemed so empty upon my return. So the brilliant thought was to unpack from my California move four years earlier, decorate, buy some furniture, paint, paint, paint ... and, voils, it all camae together by mid-December just in time to go to California for the holidays.

New Mexico's late fall and early winter weather this year was so spectacular ... warm days, cold nights, windless, bright blue skies each and every day ... it was very nice to be there, so was in no hurry to "leave for the winter." I did, however, shove off on February 9th headed back to Arizona and have been here ever since ... well, except for a little foray into So. California along I-10 to visit friends in Idyllwild ... that was a real adventure with the rig .... narrow, unpaved roads and Dale and Jane live way, way out thar at the top o' the world. And I don't have any pictures, dratz. Am out of the habit of taking them. The Christmas pictures are still on the camera.

Cousin Otie Millen and I connected around Christmas time. To my surprise he has been living near Tucson for the last 2 years, building a home in Oracle. We figured it's been at least 20 years since we last hugged ... so he came by today right here in Quartzsite on his way to L.A. What fun! And I had the camera right under my nose ... and again didn't do it. For shame! Oh, the wonder of cell phones to help folks do these kinds of things. At least with ease anyway.

Well, am closing for today and wonder if this will keep up. Stay tuned.

Blessings to all ...