Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chandler, Arizona .... Sunday ... lots going on and I keep runnin' outta time ....

Am taking the camera with me today, hooray, so maybe we'll have some pictures. It has rained here in the Phoenix area for 2 straight days. Reminded me of California. But this morning, ahhhhh, the sun is gloriously shining once again, the world is green, fresh and alive!

Jim and Chris Guld (you gotta visit their blog. They inspire me no end) will be picking me up at noon to drive to Cave Creek where the Phoenix chapter of the dowsers will be meeting to learn about labyrinths and to walk Taffy's labyrinth. Taffy Lanser is someone I've known for many years and I've always wanted to see her geodesic dome home. She gives workshops on labyrinths. So today is the day! So need to get a movin' along here and will post pictures tomorrow.

I am making a resolution to take pictures, post them and keep up with this blog, which is my way of journal keeping. See you tomorrow.

Love 'n hugz .....

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