Monday, March 13, 2006

A Day in the Labyrinths ... Cave Creek, Arizona ... the Phoenix dowsers are having their monthly meeting.

Taffy and her main labyrinth at her home in Cave Creek.

A gorgeous day with snow capped mountains. Chris and Jim Guld passing each other in the labyrinth.

Thoreau is the name of the center stone in the labyrinth. There is a firepit nearby ....
Taffy's wonderful geodesic dome house. There is a second, smaller labyrinth in the front of the house to the left. She is now planning a third. If you want to know more about labyrinths, Google the word and you will be busy reading for hours. [The system won't let me download any more pictures .... hmmm-m-m-m. Will continue this to a new day and see what happens.]

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