Saturday, March 18, 2006

Life on Wheels ... Pima Community College, Tucson ...

What a great week with old and new friends at the RV LoW Conference. I met Larry and Orene Brown out on the Miracle Mile and we caravanned into town so we could park together in the parking lot ...

...dry camping it's called.

Larry and Orene, Mary and Dave Gardner from San Francisco

John and Joline

John is a friend of Larry and Orene's (he has a DataStorm, too) and they met down in San Carlos, Mexico (near Guaymas) where they were all spending the winter.

[Reminder: Larry and Orene I met at my first DataStorm Rally in 2004 in Kerrville, Texas. They bought an RV lot in Tierra del Sol in Florence, Arizona, last November and are staying there now after the winter in Mexico. Ah, the good life. We have been rendevousing ever since.]

There were probably 100 rigs all piled in together while we attended classes, and learned a lot. The Gardners were parked next to me, the Browns in front of me. We hung out a lot together.

On the first day I took a class entitled "Batteries." Isn't that exciting? It is a precursor to the second class on solar and I knew from the first class that my system is not/has not been operating correctly. The instructor was swamped with questions, but fortunately through his wife I enticed him to pay my Brightwing a visit ... and sure enough, we needed some new powerful wiring. Greg Holder's the name, from Portland, Oregon, a real pro and full of knowledge and expertise. He lined me up with Ron, a roving RV doctor and student of his, and the next day I missed classes in the afternoon to await Ron's arrival. Arrive he did. There sure was a lot of tongue clucking over my battery install. All was righted ... and golly, gee whiz, my solar now works like a solar should.

A lot of the fun in RVing is meeting up with the people you meet on the road, and over the years with the aid of email and cell phones, it becomes part of life finding and meeting up with the folks you know. DataStormers have our "map" that locates us wherever we are and that helps us find each other. If you click on the above word "map", you can find my location any day. You have to scroll waaaay down to me, I'm # 865.

There are sooooo many classes in the world of Rving, that the next really big shew is in Moscow, Idaho, beginning on July 8th. I have a zillion unanswered questions ... and how long have I been RVing? Well, since Feb. of 1989. Amazing how much you don't know and have yet to learn. I have paid plenty of $$ through the years for not knowing enough and have just kept plowing on .... well, it's never too late to learn. Now, on reflection, if you think these seminars are expensive to attend, I think over the years you could save a bundle by doing this stuff up front. My two cents. [Alas, with Brightwing I, I didn't know such things existed. Too busy working for retirement, hehe.]

Sending out my love and light to you and to the cosmos!

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