Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bisbee, Arizona ... what an interesting place.

At the Life on Wheels conference in Tucson in mid-March I learned about other RV clubs and discounts and decided to join Passport America and the Escapees (SKPs). So I finally uprooted myself from Tucson and headed east on I-10 going into the Benson, Tombstone, Bisbee area of Eastern Arizona. Well, first of all I did not know it was rather mountainous and that Bisbeee is/was the largest copper mine in the world in its heyday ... closing in the mid 1970s. Duh! I just never knew.

This one is called the Lavender Pit. There are many more. I thought it was named the Lavener Pit because of its seeming color. No, it's named after William Lavender.

Here is what the countryside looks like, devastation all over the place in my opinion. The consequences of open pit mining. Notice the size of the car in the lower righthand corner.

So I decided to park about 10 miles out of town in a Passport America RV park at 50% off (such a deal - $8.75 a night) and am beginning my exploration. The RV park is a lovely country club only a couple of miles from the Mexican border in a town called Naco AZ. Border Patrol everywhere. Hmmmmmmmmm. Their literature assures us there is nothing to worry about. Immigrants are not interested in stopping around here. They want to get as far away as quickly as possible. If you look at my Datastorm map, I AM on the border. So Hola from Mexico.

So I went to town to find the post office and it was just across the street from the Bisbee Coffee Company, a bustling place if I ever saw one.

Main Street winds up a hill with shops crowded along both sides of the street.

I stopped in the Prickly Pear for a Cuban ... oh, yum ... a grilled concoction; you get to pick and choose. I chose a Philly Steak with the works.

I came back a second day and continued exploring up Main Street. The High Desert Market and Cafe is just that, full of organics, yes! and cool desserts and Italian kitchen imports.

Across the street from the market is a statue of The Copper Man, a tribute to the copper miners of years long past and to the heyday that once was. Bisbee is now a historical site, the entire town, and entrepreneurs of all types have arrived to entice you to visit ... including some fine restaurants.I don't want to leave Bisbee without mentioning the Queen Mine ... both an underground and land tour. Friends have said, "Don't miss the underground tour." Haven't made up my mind about touring any of ths. Destruction of our land and earth is disturbing for me. I felt the same way when I traveled to Vancouver Island in Canada in the mid-'90s and my heart was ripped open with all the clearcutting I saw up there, the destruction of all the FORESTS .... and I still have nightmares about all of that. I'm just a pussycat, but I love Gaia, our grand Mother, Mother Earth!

More later ...


ken said...

Very nice job. Your pictures are great. I have been on the road since 2002 and have traveled much the same areas you have. Passport America, SKP's and Elk Lodges have helped off set the high diesel prices we have now. Safe travels and look for an older Alfa Gold 5er. That's me

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