Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Silver City, New Mexico ... high atop the world!

After living in New Mexico for four years, I have finally arrived in Silver City, (29 miles north of City of Rocks) a town that sprang to life during the summer of 1870. I checked into the Rose Valley RV Ranch and settled in for a few days.

Early morning view from Brightwing ....

The discovery of silver brought thousands of miners. Merchants followed in their footsteps to provide services and goods. Tents and shacks that initially housed commerce were rapidly replaced with buildings made of local brick. Building continued for several decades, leaving behind a wealth of brick Victorian homes, adobe structures and solid commercial buildings. The railroad arrived in 1883.

I heard that Vicki's Eatery had my kinda food ... and I was not disappointed.

Across the street from Vicki's is this painted building.

And next door ....

A series of devastating floods beteween 1895 and 1906 (because they cut down all the trees and the Monsoons came, as they do every year in the summer, duh). What used to be Main Street is now known as the Big Ditch, named after the Panama Canal. It lies some 55 feet below street grade and is now the watercourse for San Vicente Creek.

Unfortunately several streets are closed due to street renovations and it is very hard to get around. Now it's time to head for home tomorrow with a stopover in Truth or Consequences.

May you all be blessed with Peace!

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love your pictures! you have a great eye - good margins, wonderful camera work. Do you like living in Belen?