Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Belen, New Mexico .... settling in from 2 months on the road. Arrived home last Sunday, the 21st, and arrival can sometimes have its challenges. All is in order by today, Thanksgiving Eve, and all is well. Diane is in the house salt brining the two Diestel turkeys she will be contributing to our community dinner in ABQ tomorrow. You never salt brined a turkey? It is mucho delicious. My offering will be fresh green beans lightly steamed and smothered in garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, plus seasonings, yum.

Tonight Yu Garden, a local Chinese restaurant honored their customers with their annual turkey dinner (food they have learned to prepare since arriving here, and they have learned well). I overdid it. What a feast. Hope I have room for more tomorrow.

I love being on the road and love being home. I am grateful this season for giving thanks for the opportunity to be able to create the healthy life I enjoy, including many friends, my family, my oils, many interests that bring great pleasure.

I am still getting over the loss on my computer of pictures to share and have temporarily lost interest. But I have many, many others so will dig around for something appropriate and close with my heartfelt wishes for you to manifest your dreams. Am reading a magnificent book: "Of Monkeys and Dragons: Freedom from the Tyranny of Disease," by Michele Longo O'Donnell

Thought for Today:

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."
-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Liquid Roses by Jim Van Hoose.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Safford, Arizona ... Aren't you tired of me complaining about being so far behind? And all the pictures are again lost, so I am depressed about blogging today. I picked Safford as a new place to go and stay for ahwile. It is located 160 miles east of Phoenix and very near the New Mexico border. I looked it up on the internet and one of the stats is that it has a population of 33,000 people and is 2928 in elevation. There is one RV park, Lexington Pines, and it is just the nicest place to be. Friendly folk, great manager, good vibes! The weather has been warm days and chilly nights, my favorite ... but today it is COLD. So we drag out the heavier clothes. Found Curves and Mary, the worker bee there, was so welcoming.

I met Betty Drake my first day here when she invited me to share with her a piece of her freshly baked peach pie. Yesterday Betty and I went to see the movie, "Shall We Dance?" It is the best movie ever ... Richard Gere, J.Lo, Susan Sarandan. A feel good movie that should appeal to everyone.

CeCe, the manager, is just the best concierge and a lively activity organizer. She right off the bat asked me about natural healing, don't know why, maybe she smelled the oils? And she is telling everyone of my magic oils. Maybe that's why I'm here. I have often thought about having classes at RV parks but did not pursue that path. Maybe this is why I'm here.

I'm here because I wanted to spend some time in a small town in Arizona to study tax lien certificates, a subject that I took a weekend workshop about and have all the CDs and materials and internet stuff ... so why can't I settle down and get started? Such puzzlements. But the verdict in the Peterson case got my attention last night, and the craziness around Arafat's death depicted on CNN kinda captured my gaze ... would this ever happen in America?

So will end this ramble and post the latest picture of the twins sent by their dad, Andrew, my grandson.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Casa Grande, Arizona .... hopelessly, helplessly behind, sorry 'bout that. To trace where I've been .... well, after leaving Chattanooga I headed west and just sorta lopped along I-20 in a southwesterly direction connecting with I-10 around Van Horn, Texas. Then it was a mad dash to Las Cruces. It rained and rained every single day. Could hardly wait to get to Arizona. Cruces welcomed me with the biggest rain storm of the year. When it rains that much, nothing dries out ... that does not fit in with my personality. I did connect with Kathe Pass and we went to Old Mesilla for lunch, a delightful day. I have many fond memories of Las Cruces in the 1990s when I went there once a year for four years to the Southwest Dowsers Conference, a joyful experience and lots of stories from there. Unfortunately, that conference is no more ... the organizers have grown older, some have died, some have divorced, and so it goes, as the world turns. I had a long, delightful phone conversation with Bill Munn, who is still there.

I am remembering now driving through Midland-Odessa, Texas, Dubya's country ... egads, how bleak. Chemical companies, everything to do with drilling for oil ... such negative energy I couldn't get through there fast enough.

So after Cruces I went to Tucson, had a wonderful dinner with Doris Walenta, and after a few days of renewing my connections with Tucson, headed to Casa Grande, where I am now preparing to lower my dish and move on to Chandler AZ, southeast of Phoenix, for a rootin'-tootin' Dixieland jazz festival which begins tonight. Maybe while there I will be able to get my pictures ready for this blog and catch up some more. Been playin' catch-up, got tickets for flight and car to California for Christmas.

Today my friend, Margie, in Redding CA is in hospital having major surgery and so is friend, Elizabeth, in the Bay Area. Friend, Char, in Nebraska had knee surgery on Tuesday and the latest report is she is doing just fine. Three good friends in one week, that's a ton of prayers.

And the election has come and gone. God Help us All.

Well, checkout time here is 11 a.m., and so it's time to get this rig ready to roll.
More later ....

Thought for today:

May the Forces of Light Be Empowered to Turn to Good
All Circumstances upon this planet Earth.

May the Forces of Light be Empowered to Turn to Good
All Circumstances within the United States of America.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Cottondale, Alabama .... Central Time ... hopelessly behind, but I promise to catch up with pictures. To remind me of what I want to share:

1. Pictures from Memphis.
2. Amish Community in Ethridge TN
3. Tennessee River Ride in Chattanooga

Alabama, my first time staying here (need to add Alabama to my states visited). The scenery is hilly, lush, green (because it rains all the time) and HOT, 80 degrees for late October, MUGGY, lots of rain, or it has been since I arrived. I drove thru AL all day yesterday and spent the night and will be driving through the state for most of today. This body looooongs for the Western Sunshine. Again confirming my suspicions of what I intuitively know: Sun, Sun, Dry, Dry is what makes me happy for weather/climate. Time to lower my dish and hit the road. Will be back soon.

Thought for today:

"The great paradox of the 21st century is that,
in this age of powerful technology, the biggest
problems we face internationally are problems
of the human soul." -- Ralph Peters

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve …. Hohenwald TN ….. rain, rain, rain … some sun, fall colors …. warm, now getting cooler … lovely lakes … a dam …. restful …relaxing, all post Young Living Essential Oils convention in Nashville where I met friend Marilyn Brodhurst of Virginia Beach and we spent our time together at the Opryland Hotel … my goodness what a place of opulence, huge, fun.

This is Marilyn. She moved into Brightwing with me for the convention and her friend, Sunny, took her van down to Natchez Trace.

The convention was held in the "Delta" Port, one of many spokes of the wheel.

The convention opened on Thursday and my pictures aren't so hot. The room was dimly lit and my pictures had to be taken off a big screen that I could see very well, but it's not made for cameras, not mine anyway.

Here is the Young family opening the convention. Mary with Jacob and Gary holding Joseph.

There were many displays of products in the lobby. This one
is all essential oils ... therapeutic essential oils, the passion of
my life.

Berry Young Juice, of course. The highest juice drink on the planet in terms of anti-oxidants and vibrations as tested by the S-ORAC scale and other scientific tests, 60% Chinese Ninjha wolfberries, other juices and essential oils of lemon and orange.

The convention was grand, wonderful teachings, new products … hey, they rolled out A.R.T. (Age Refining Technology) their first in the new cosmetic line … I bought a kit … how could I resist? after they showed compelling photos of “old” skin (mine) and “young” skin of a former life. The new technology is proving to restore old skin and we learned all about collagen, liposomes, fibroblasts, photolyase enzymes and endonuclease enzymes all which help repair DNA damage, the cause of skin aging. Marilyn and I took many “before” pictures of each other on my digital camera. What a hoot that was.

What an exciting time to be alive, I’ll tell you.

One more picture of our stroll around the Delta Port, a fountain "playing" its water to the music.

For the next 3-1/2 days we parked near one another in the Natchez Trace Wilderness Preserve. This preserve is a Thousand Trails NACO park, for those who know about those things, located about 100 miles southwest of Nashville. I spent time getting caught up with email and other web related activities … like paying the bills and enjoying the fact that there is no alarm in the morning.

There is no CURVES anywhere near this place. First time ever in all my travels around this great land that a Curves is not here. That is my workout place of choice for the past 2-1/2 years, an old friend … but a bright light. There are two in Chattanooga.

My absentee ballot arrived in Belen, was Fed-Exd to me, and is back in the mail.

Tonight is the third presidential debate, and tomorrow we will head towards Chattanooga, first visiting an Amish community near Lawrenceburg. Chattanooga lies on the Tennessee-Georgia border. Am thinking of taking I-20 west just south of Atlanta when it’s time to get going in that direction.

Thought for today:

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." --John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hope, Arkansas ... Dashing to Nashville .... Ah-h-h the sun is shining. After yesterday's gullywasher all day long climbing north out of Texas, the sun's rays are a most welcome sight. As a child of light, it is always stressful to experience daylong gloom. I am on track with the mileage game, only 450 more to go. Will post one of my favorite pictures from back home in New Mexico ... my beloved mesa.

Thought for Today ...

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is the myth of the atomic age -- as in being able to remake ourselves." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort .... Days 3 and 4 .... the rally is over and we have the afternoon off (to play golf) and will gather again at 6:00 for a farewell Texas style BBQ. So I get to play catch-up.

The Motosat guys arrived from Salt Lake City at dinner time Wednesday evening, and for me it was fun renewing old friendships. Jim Pendleton kicked off the rally with a rousing welcome and spent a bit of time going through Motosat's interesting history. What fun to be part of such a saga, cutting edge technology that Jim would not let fall through the cracks.

Here's Jim ....

Next Jim introduced Royal Lamb, currently VP of Production, but in the beginning they all wore any hat that fit.

Here's Royal ...

Love that red shirt. Between Royal and Ed Travis, the two of them kept us pretty occupied for the rest of Thursday and all day Friday. Ed is their chief engineer and between them they have developed 5 new Motosat products this year, whew! Busy boys. They brought the new toys with them and they were all on display throughout our time together. A silent auction is happening right now to hopefully deliver all the goodies to new owners by later tonight.

Here's Ed ....

There are many fine sponsors of this event and 3 meals a day have been catered and served starting with breakfast Thursday morning. Many fine prizes have been won by just about everyone during a raffle each evening after dinner. Yours truly won a package of 24-minute-in- length CD-Rs, which can come in mighty handy. I have not seen those yet, so learned about a new product.

A little gadget that I covet is a San Disk, a penlight sized affair that has a USB port on one end, you plug it in and you can capture 128 MB info off anyone's computer and transfer it to your own. Like on the Motosat computer are 2 pictures, one with a large field of blue lights on all the DataStorms impressively shown that I would like to share with you, and coulda if I had one of those gadgets. The second picture is a roomful of folks showing off their new blue light key chains (with the lights out). The blue light is a signature for the DataStorm. I received my blue light special this trip. (My system is an original and blue lights had not come into play then.) That was worth the whole trip. And I got my birds on the wire "fixed," so now can receive both satellites 110 and 119 for the Dish Network simultaneously. Guess I'm boring you totally by now, so will move on.

During different breaks George and Charlene Campbell brought in their magnificent Raffin organ (only 4 of these in the world, or is it the US?) In any event it's a rarity, all hand made in Germany and the man who makes them is getting quite old.

Here's George showing off his delightful music machine...

And when you volunteer, you get to wear the little Swiss hat ....
This is Phillip.

There is a monkey somewhere. Maybe he will come out tonight.

Got to spend some time chatting with Orene Clarke and
Larry Brown from across the table. The State of Texas
is sort of in the middle there, but they are very clever
centerpieces on each table. As far as I can tell, they are
the only other ones here who intend not to vote for Bush.
But I haven't talked to everyone yet, you see. And the
subject doesn't necessarily come up, doncha know. The
first debate was Thursday night, so there was a little talk,
but not much. Probably a good thing.

Caught a Kerrvile sunset last night, except this is facing East!

This is an array of the products that Motosat brought to the rally. The platform for this blog changed some time back and I don't know how to move a "picture" to some place else, dratz. In its former incarnation I dealt with URLs, not pictures. Oh, well. I'm trying to tell a story chronologically.

Birds on a Wire (below)

DataStorm Dish (below) that I'm all excited about. Aren't you glad you asked?
This is a new, gray colored dish finished with a coating so slick that rain, snow
moisture of any kind cannot stick to it, and so neither can the DataStorm logo
stick to this. They buy their dishes from Direcway and the magic is in the
mount and the upper controller and such.

This is the new D-2 controller that is next on my list. I think I will
wait until all the bugs are smoothed out before buying, but this little
gadget will allow me to put up my dish with the push of a button and
bypass the computer. Wow! Dream on, girl!

This morning, Saturday, Don Bradner (below) held a large group hypnotized with his vast knowledge of things computer, and satellites, and networks ... and what a gift. Don is the person who started and continues to maintain the DataStorm Users Group. Pay us a visit if you like. You can find me on the map, #865. The 2 rallies that have occurred both grew out of this group.
Last year was Tampa, Florida. Next year? I heard rumors of California.

The sunset is supposed to be here to finish off this day's message ... but in time I learn these new things and maybe moving pictures around will happen soon.

A thought for today:

Prescription for living a life of integrity, fulfillment and happiness:

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don't take things personally.
3. Don't make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

From "The Four Agreements" ...
Don Miguel Ruiz.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Buckhorn RV Park ... Day 2 ... Meet and Greet happened last night. We brought our own meat for BBQing and the rest, yum, was furnished all the way through peach or apple cobbler ala mode. Way to start! Jim, Royal and Ed all from Motosat arrived just in time to eat. They are excited to share with us all the new stuff.

My DataStorm friends, Suzie Richardson and Gary Gruber, from Santa Fe arrived late afternoon. They are parked two coaches over, neighbors. Suzie and I discovered each other online earlier this summer and so we looked forward to meeting up. We are sisters. Ah, the world is full of sisters. And Gary could be called a brother. Yes, the world is full of brothers, too

Together we met up with John and Kim from Brentwood (east Contra Costa County in the SF Bay Area). John is a retired firefighter and Kim is a retired landscape architect. They are here in their 5th wheel to learn about fulltiming with a DataStorm and possibly buying one. These boomers know how to retire early. Both couples spend a lot of time in Mexico doing things like language imersion classes, and art, and, well, learning.

The five of us spent the entire time talking together and, poof, it was time to go to bed. Well, time flies when you're having fun. And, John and Kim are parked right across the street.

This is the view of the office from my site. John and Kim are parked just to the right off camera. I took this picture before I knew that it was John and Kim parked nearby.

And the windmill is lit up after dark ....

I am hoping that someone will climb the hill across the street and get a night picture collectively of our "blue lights." Each DataStorm has a blue light when raised in the air, and it's kinda fun to see them all together, a sight only to behold at a rally, such as this.

This is early morning and classes begin at 9:00. I am making a several day supply of oatmeal and the water boiled dry while my head was here. So starting over. It's steel cut oats and they need to cook for 30 minutes. But, oh, so good! More later.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Buckhorn Lake RV Resort .... Day 1 ... Settling in ...

The grand entrance.

The earlybirds. My satellite is on the far right, second coach in.

The earlybirds gathered last night for a potluck supper, yum. Somebody had chicken and pork fajitas brought in and the gang furnished all the side dishes. I scrounged up an organic watermelon which blended in just swell. First I met the co-chair people.

Here's Charlene and George Campbell. They live in Charleston, So. Carolina and winter in San Diego. They drive from coast to coast and back at least once a year. This year it will be twice, egads. Click on their name above to see their website and their fabulous organ grinders.

And here's Sheryl and John Prather. They call this place "home"
and do workamping while here.

George, while checking out my camera, took a shot at me.
My flash does not go off when it is getting dark, and so my
pictures are darker than I'd like. And, no, that option is not
on my camera, the one where I can override with flash. The
things you eventually learn about your camera.

I had my hair cut the day before leaving. Oh, well.

The windmill is a centerpiece of the park and is located in
front of ...

... the Red Barn, where all of our activities will take place once
we get going on Thursday morning.

I went to downtown Kerrville, [population 20,000] 7 miles. Nice town. Spotted a nail place and stopped in for a pedicure. Found Curves, only they were closed for their afternoon nap. Drove around to get oriented, found IHOP, had a sandwich and came home. San Antonio is one hour away by freeway, the same distance that I am from Albuquerque, hmm-m-m.

My refrigerator (2nd one, 11 months old) seemed ill and so had the mobile RV doctor out, who
said, "Yep," and ordered parts and said he would be back some time this week. This one is still under warranty, so we shall see what happens next.

Mt. St. Helens is making rumbles and the candidates are preparing for their presidential debate number one.

A nice thought for the day:

"The choice between love and fear is made every moment in our hearts and minds. That is where the peace process begins. Without peace within, peace in the world is an empty wish. Like love, peace is extended. It cannot be brought from the world to the heart. It must be brought from each heart to another, and thus to all mankind. " --Paul Ferrini

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Kerrville, Texas .... just a quick note to say that I arrived safely this afternoon at my first destination this trip, Kerrville TX. My first time driving in and through the Texas Hill Country and because of all the rain, it truly is a beautiful spot. (Never thought I could say something good about Texas) Because of the altitude of 1700 feet, this area seems to escape the humidity problem. This is also a very gorgeous RV park! The rally begins on Thursday (this is Sun.,) but there is lots to explore. Tonight there were probably 20 people at a community potluck, folks already here. It's fun to be early rather than late. Nice people. It's also 11:20 p.m. so g'nite.

Thank you to my angels, guides and teachers for the safe trip ... the time just flew on by. Sirius radio helps.

Ft. Stockton, Texas ... well, how did we get here? Driving, of course, from Belen on my way to Kerrville, Texas, to meet up with the DataStorm Users group rally. Sorry there are no posts since Sept. 13th, my baby's 47th birthday, ahem ... he had a grand celebration up there in Evanston WY ... but I needed to stay on focus in order to leave on time on Sept. 24th, which I did, hooray.

My first night out was in Roswell NM. A big surprise there at how big that town is ... is it a city? There aren't any pictures of the landscape ... it's all flat and the road straight arrow. There was one helluva rain storm in the night which lowered my TV satellite automatically ... but that's okay, it was time to go to sleep anyway. The office of the RV park where I stayed was selling alien rings for 25 cents and had little alien blow-up images swinging in the wind from the rafters. I was informed of an important UFO Museum in town, but passed that by in order to press ahead and get out of NM to make me believe that I was really on the road.

I arrived here at the KOA in Ft. Stockton early enough to practice getting my big satellite up, since it's been 3 months since I've had to fiddle with it. I had some doubts as to whether I would remember everything. Well, it went straight up and all went well except it wouldn't clear, or pass whatever it has to pass. So I had to make a call for help and was reminded that I needed to clear my modems, probably, and that did the trick. So am happily sending and receiving to my heart's content, loverly.

The calculations say that I have 241 miles to go to Kerrville, maybe I'll be there by tonight. Am on I-10 and Kerrville seems to be there, too. I am early by plan so I can rest and relax in one place and absorb all I need to and then I will feel ready to move on, which will be to leave Kerrvile next Sunday, one week from today, and make a mad race to Nashville to attend the Young Living Essential Oils convention. Will meet up there with friend Marilyn Brodhurst.

Speaking of Marilyn, she called last night from Chatanooga TN at the RVing Women's convention and guess what? We are going to travel together for 34 days with Fantasy Tours through Baja CA leaving San Diego on February 21st. She talked me into it. That got my motor running, hehe. Fantasy Tours is the group I/we toured with in Mexico and the Copper Canyon one year ago, same leaders and tailgunners. What a delight that was. This will be 20 rigs and 40 or so women. So stay tuned. I promise pictures soon.

A thought for today:

"There is little room left for wisdom when one is full of judgment" -- Malcolm Hein

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Goodness gracious! I'm still here, alive and well. Just checking in with you, and me, and now I don't know how to catch up. Nicolas and Elizabeth were here for a day or so at the turn of the month and the time since then has been ... well ... I just don't know where the time has gone. Well, first is N and E in front of the Luna Mansion, where we went for a lovely meal.

Met Betts and Gary and Gina, all California friends and dowsers, sharing bread ...

We spent the better part of the day exploring our beautiful mesa, and then before you know it, the visit was over and off they went back to California.

This past week involved rounding up the troops to attend various meetings and a workshop regarding our invalid zoning ordinance here in Valencia County. Almost too much politics for me, what with all the razzmatazz going on with the national campaign for president, egads.

Today's email brought a welcome message from Suzanne Keehn, a wonderful friend in California, and SHE is starting a new political party, the Centrust Party, based on John English's recent book entitled "The Shift - An Awakening." I signed on. Never got in on the beginning of a political party before, hehe.

So it's time to go in the house and prepare to attend our community meeting today, starting with a potluck at noon. So at least I showed up today to keep this blog alive and hopefully next time will be sooner than almost two weeks .

It is now 13 days and counting until shove off time (circa Sept. 24th) headed for Kerrville, Texas, and the DataStorm rally. Til next time ....

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Enjoying the Olympics from Athens ... what a beautiful place, and, yes, they got their act together to pull it off. There are some events that are astounding because I have never seen them before .... beach volleyball, syncronized diving ... old favorites .... gymnastics, (the judging is rather sad) regular diving ( my-o-my ... dives that were not even invented yet in my day (remember, mom was a swim coach and had us in the water all the time, swimming and diving, and, yes, synchronized swimming ... ) but routines nothing like I saw last night. Track and field ... brings back memories of my own endeavors a jillion years ago. Ah-h-h, I love those summer Olympics.

It seems that adding new pages to this blog is becoming a once a week event. So we will have to live with that. I left off with an iminent visit by friend Leah DeBruyn of Los Vegas. We had a swell five days with dinner one night at the Luna Mansion. (I finally got a picture of the outside. Isn't this a magnificent old treasure?) The dining area is on the lower floor and the upstairs is all bar and lounge area. Smoking is still allowed in New Mexico (shameful), but at least the new owners have banned smoking in the restaurant, hooray.

And Leah posing in front of a giant of a tree out front.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent the better part of each day on the mesa. My second batch of pics are lost (again) on my computer but here are some memories of our Friday adventure. Leah's friend Beaucoup arrived from Texas on Saturday and those are the pics that are hiding .

We met at the Rio Rancho diner at the eastern edge of the
mesa to catch our limosuine ....

Driven by our tour guide, Joan Artiaga ... friend, artist, musician,
politician, jack of all trades ... such a wonderful person ....
drum roll, please ....

And here's the group that toured the mesa on Friday ....

John (Shirley's, Nathan's cook, son), Leah, Joani, Carla,
(Trudy Clawson's daughter) and Kira, Joani's Indigo
grand-daughter, and me taking the picture.

We stopped by the temple site (Celestorium) ...

And I took a more sweeping picture of the sound healing
temple with Leah posing at the side. Yes, that is a copper
pyramid on top. This site is one of four on the planet doing
what it came here to do as directed by the Hathors, an ancient
Egyptian civilization, guided by sound healer Tom Kenyon,
friend of our Harmonious Earth community.

On Friday night we went to dinner at Nathan's in Albuquerque.
Shirley cooked such a superb meal, yum!

Here's Nathan with Leah and Carla ....

And here's the 3 of us ... who ate ourselves silly ....

I have found my pictures taken on Land Tour Day 2, but they are in a place on my hard drive and I don't know how to get them into My Pictures so I can resize, etc. Stay tuned for more. The sky turned absolutely magical and I sure would love to share those pictures with you.

Many Blessings ....

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's getting longer and longer between posts ..... harumph! It must be getting time to hit the road, doncha think? Life is getting too settled in, but then it's kinda nice. New Mexico is actually GREEN, the rains are magnificent, the air temps are in the low 80s and lower ... imagine that? The Olympics are in the air ... am glued to the tube at night watching all thos gymnasts and swimmers 'n divers. Synchronized diving. Never saw that before. Am totally fascinated. Am bedazzled at Athens' ability to pull it off and dreaming dreams of what might have been. My mother was a swim teacher/coach and her dream was to have Olympic children swimmers. It worked for both of us (baby sister Sue and me) until we discovered boys, each in our own time. Remember this was a parent's dream.

Oh, well, this is as close as I get to the water these days.
The hot tub in the backyard in Belen. Brightwing is parked
just to the right.

I saw some movies since we last chatted. One Sunday several of us gathered in Albuquerque to see the documentary "Outfoxed" and another one titled "The Corporation." That was a long day and a lot of popcorn. Some of us liked it and some of us didn't. Now I have a DVD of "Outfoxed" because I forgot I ordered it. Oh, well.

The following week some of us went to see "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and that is a keeper. I would like to own that DVD when it comes out because it would be really cool to view it over and over to discover all the nuances and subtleties of that movie. I liked it because Ramtha, as channeled by J.Z. Knight, was the entity that "woke me up" in 1986 via videotapes and life hasn't been the same since ... thank goodness. I am forever grateful to that energy and for the path I was catapulted on to ... my very own spiritual path ... as if I/we were not on it anyway, I just wasn't aware. Oh, to be awake and aware! The last 18 years has been quite a trip. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. The whole secret is learning how to be IN the world and not OF it. It's terrific once you figure that one out.

So it's time to close and get ready for Leah tomorrow, who will be a houseguest for awhile. She is coming to visit me and tour the land and have dinner with Nathan ... which will keep us all busy for a few days.

Just a reminder of our beautiful mesa ... a most sacred spot
on this planet ....

Desert owls living on the mesa ....

And another glorious sunset ... ahh-h-h.

"Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. By finding your own dream and following it through, it will lead you to the myth-world in which you live. But just as in dream, the subject and object, though they seem to be separate, are really the same." ~Joseph Campbell

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunny Sunday in Belen .... good morning! Well, I have some new pictures for you today from our wild and wacky storm and the famer's market on Friday. Such excitement LOL. Last Monday was a rain storm, the likes of which I have never experienced. Diane and I were running from window to window and then out to the patio with a metal roof, omigod! The noise of the rain hitting the roof was sooooo loud that we could not hear each other talk, imagine that. It turned out that a little hail was mixed in to increase the decibels and we were awestruck. The rain seemed to just plop, then was over, then we had a weird sky. I ran for the camera and this is how it turned out. A gorgeous double rainbow ... however, the pictures turned out brown.

Same camera, several days later and the colors at the farmer's market are bright and yummy. Still trying to figure out what was happening after that storm. What was in the air to make the pictures turn out in the shades they did? It happened so fast that there wasn't time to stop and look and try to figure out. I just pointed and shot.

Friends, Ann and Wayne Larson, are kind of cropped out
of this picture, but their farm is lush and lovely and nearby.

This is friend, Beth Crowder. She keeps us in eggs year
round and other goodies. Her Christmas boutique in her
home in December provides many gift items that she and
hubby, Les, make. He's the beekeeper, honey and candle
person. His picture did not turn out well. Will catch him
next time.

I love the Farmer's Market. More next week.

Guess I should mention (this is a diary) that many of us convened on Wednesday night back at the Valencia County Courthouse and the fireworks sorta flew. In a nutshull, the 1999 Valencia County Zoning Ordinance was declared invalid (don't know why yet ... I can guess) and an emergency was announced so the commissioners could declare a moratorium for 2 weeks to get direction on where this is going. As mentioned before, our community is very much against a large polluting power plant being built, designated heavy industry in a light industry park. So there will probably be lawsuits and other undesirable results, but you can bet this citizen is keeping a watchful eye.

And to end the week, yesterday, Saturday, the Harmonious Earth Community had its monthly potluck and meeting and we oohed and ahhed over Gary Plapp's computer rendition of our vision for a community center. The boat seems to be launching. Still working on the papers to file the non-profit status, but we are now a bonafide New Mexico corporation, hooray.

May God Bless and Keep You All Safe and Happy and Healthy .....