Friday, April 30, 2004

GGGRRR-g-g-r-r-r-argh!!!!!!!!!!! Satellite challenges, one week now. Sorry I've been away so long., one week today. Still do not have email up and running. Traveling north of 54-40 or fight demanded a satellite change and the road has been long and painful. Been there before. I was assured it would be easier this time. Well, that didn't happen. Hopefully this bump in the road is behind me.

Am in Tacoma WA now all this week and visiting friends Betty and Dick French. Have pictures, but those will have to wait. Leaving for Bellingham tomorrow and then over the border into Canada on Monday. Will be visiting with Mary Stasiuk on Sunday. Tra-la for now ... keep the home fires burning.

Love and blessings to all in my circle and beyod.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This is Chris ... I'm the one who set up this Blog for Joline. Just thought I'd make a post to tell those of you following Joline that you won't hear from her for a few days. She is in Washington state and she has traveled beyond the boundaries of her satellite service. She is in process of reprogramming her system to use a different satellite. Joline, sorry I didn't return your phone message, but I'm in an area with no phone service! Seems we can have one or the other, but not both! I look forward to hearing more about the satellite switching process.

Friday, April 23, 2004

I just realized that the post that was lost was my entire entry re my 3 day visit in Redding. Oops, such a blooper. Don't mean to demean that wonderful visit with friends, Marge and Art Palm. We have known each other since 1952! Can you beat that? Yes, we met while we were both living in Menlo Park, California, such a long time ago. Our oldest child was 4 months old and their first was yet to arrive ... the following fall. We were very poor then and playing the game of bridge was our main activity together. The 2 men met at and worked for Swift and Company. The Palm family was transferred to Southern California in 1954 or so and we followed a year or two later. When they moved to Redding to be near their son in 1989, we really made up for lost time and regular visits have followed. Marge hungers for "girltalk time" and so on Sunday last she and I and Lotte Bowen, a mutual friend from Happy Valley, spent almost the entire day in my rig eating and catching up. My, what wonderful hours we had together, not to mention the gourmet food we shared. And, of course, at night the 3 of us (Marge, Art and me) enjoyed one of our favorite pasttimes, the game of Spite and Malice. Their son, Kevin, was around a bit after the weekend and so the visit was complete. Sadly I left on Tuesday, the 20th, as I don't know when we shall meet again. And blast it, I did not take any new pictures. Well, I will just have to dig up ones I took last Christmas.

Well, I cannot locate the pictures I want so easily and a man just knocked on my door and said I was past checkout time, egads. More later.
Good Morning .... TGIF.
This is Meredy, and we had dinner last night on the deck of Manzana's Cafe overlooking Lake Oswego in Oregon. Yum!

Off to the State of Washington this afternoon. The promised sun is hiding, but maybe later?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Yes, that's a hot tub beyond the last rose bush.
Hey, hey, this is heady stuff, finally (I hope) being able to share my picture. I do have to learn to carry my camera with me at all times to catch current photo ops ... otherwise I will keep digging into my stash and I can bore you forever. This shot is of Quan Yin among the roses in bloom in my Belen backyard. Roses do very well in the high desert and they bloom from May through October. There were 14 bushes on my property when I moved in in January 2002. They were not in bloom, of course, and, boy, what a surprise come May.

Hehe, think maybe it is working. This is a picture taken in my backyard at home in Belen, New Mexico. It depicts a genesa crystal and the nearby cactus in bloom. Brightwing is parked in her resting spot on this 1/2 acre piece of property that I dearly love.

Good morning .... had a wonderful visit with Jacquie and superb meal with her at Cafe Soriah in Eugene last night. Have to give that good restaurant a plug here. Still enjoying that rack of lamb in my memory and will have the contents of the doggie bag any moment now.

And, hooray, the sun is shining today. I am grateful for the rain, but enough is enough already. Moving on up I-5 mid day to meet up with Meredy Keller in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for a visit and sharing of a meal.

Still working on resizing photos. Ain't this a drag? Come on, Joline, hitch up your belt and figure this one out. Stay tuned.

"Every time you are tempted to react in the
same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner
of the past or a pioneer of the future. The
past is closed and limited, the future is open
and free." --- Dr. Depak Chopra

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well, I spent a lot of time doing today's post and lost it all . Sometimes life can be a challenge. Change that to "computers."
And it's time to go now. Very quickly, am in Ashland, Oregon, heading for Eugene to have dinner with friend Jacquie Bonner. Jacquie and I were roommates at ORI for several years. ORI is Ozark Research Institute in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I had hoped to learn how to resize photos, but not yet. Boy, when I master that one, look out! hehe. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Good Morning from Modesto, California .... heading out today to Redding after a 2-day inspectiion of my rig which has delayed the departure, but now that it's raining again, time to go. They found a crack in my hitch, egads, serious stuff, so am happy that my angels are again looking after me.

What new thing have I learned recently? Type your name in a search engine or two, and see what comes up. TOTAL SHOCK! I don't know about you, but I am dumbfounded by what is out there on the web about me.

There are lots of pictures that I want to share but still have not figured out how to resize them. It will come.

Never drive faster than your angels can fly.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Busy day. Leaving tomorrow and heading north up I-5 in California. Destination: Redding for a few days visiting. Thank you friends who are trying to help me resize photos. Don't know why I can't figure it out myself, dratz! After being parked for 3 months, it is taking some doing to get everything pumped up, cleaned out, unhooked and road ready. Just want to check in here to see if you're still with me, hehe. Got my Curves (that's the local-wherever-I-am gym) travel card in my back pocket and printed out 76 pages of where they're located in Oregon, Washington and BC. That is an adventure in itself. Bought some organic goodies to take along for the ride, and all's well in my world.

94-year old Mom will be delighted to get this big rig out of her driveway, or so she tells her friends. I am leaving her in the hands of a professional woman who takes care of little old ladies. Mom only needs an hour or so every other day, just someone to go behind and wipe up the spills and see that nothing major is happening. Otherwise her health is A-okay, no meds, no physical impediments, a little short term memory loss (well, there's BIG stuff like no hearing, half her eyesight, no teeth, no sense of smell or taste, total incontinence, but she doesn't admit to any of that!) She is a trooper.

And so I will close this day with a picture of Sophia and Uncle Adam taken on Easter Sunday. I have played around with resizing that and let's see what happens.

Well, it didn't seem to work and I gotta git.

So here's one of my quotes:

"We live in a time of war and selections, when what we need
is peace and elections." Amy Goodman

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

A beautiful morning in Modesto, California. Countdown time for leaving on Thursday. Heading north up I-5 towards first stop, Redding, and spending a little time beating my friends, Art and Marge, at a little Spite and Malice, an ongoing card game that we do, hehe.

Had a super, wonderful time in Marin with family and friends over the Easter weekend. Took a lot of pictures. The twins, Sophia and Brent, were there with dad, Andrew. Uncle Adam, Gramma Francie, PaPa Forrest and Gramma Karyn. it was their house. The garden is right out of Sunset magazine and Karyn (aka Martha Stewart) did an all day Easter Egg Hunt, dinner, Magicland for the grands, and me, the Great-Gran just enjoyed it all. How can it get any better than this?

So will try resizing pictures again and see what happens.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

A lovely Saturday morning, the day before Easter .. which brings to mind that I would like to invite you to go with me in our minds and hearts to send "help" to Iraq. Barbara Wolf sent me this.

The world stands helpless while Iraq disintegrates.
Daily we are fed the horrors of war.
Yesterday we are fed images of three Japanese civilians,
two aid workers and a journalist, being held hostage in Iraq
by gunmen threatening to burn them alive unless Japan withdraws
its troops.

These images burn deeply into our psyche.

We can close our eyes, block our ears, turn off our minds,
but the violence will remain.

Let us enter this terrible picture with a single thought --
alter the scenery.

Remember, every thought is energy.
Energy IS. It must be counted.

Peace, Love, and Light energy must be counted.

From our homes, from our work, let us send out this
energy and know our efforts will be counted.

We need to change the scenery.


Your energy and my energy join with all Peace, Love, and Light
energy across this world.

We build strength by joining our energies.

"Walk with the Spirit of a Warrior and Teach with Peace."

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf
A notice:
April 17,1:00 - 4:00 pm, WASHINGTON D.C., 1001 16th St. NW
and K Street, Capitol Hilton Hotel, California Room.
an interactive, co-creative ceremony in which all participants take
an active role in becoming divine vessels for the dissemination
of love and light to humanity and all of creation. Free.
Contact:; Tel: 415-641-5085

Friday, April 09, 2004

I need to learn how to resize these photos. The first picture of my home in Belen turned out okay, except I can't remember what I did. And the Crop Circle doesn't show up like it's supposed to, either. Oh, well.
Hello ... I missed a day ... well, I got busy ... with Condi Rice and all that hullaballoo on the TV and Jill came to visit from San Rafael. I've been thinking and have decided I cannot create a diary going back 2+ years ... so from now on I am just going to stay in the NOW. It's a gift, that's why they call it the present. Today I am on my "countdown" list getting ready to move on north next week. Think I will go into my pictures and select one or two from the thousands ... well, you know how prolific digital cameras are.

The first picture is Hollyhocks from my Belen NM kitchen window. They grow wild in that spot and I am so enamored with them because they remind me of my childhood in Nebraska. We had hollyhocks and lilacs. Those are the only flowers I remember growing there. My dad didn't have such a green thumb. We lived there until just after my 16th birthday and then we moved to California. The four of us; mom, dad, sister and me. Oh, what a story that is.

Am also going to try to resurrect a crop circle from my large collection, of which I am also enthusiastic about. They come with little sayings which seem appropos.

There are no warlike people; just warlike leaders.

There are no warlike people Crop Circle.doc

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

This is so cool! Wonder if I'll ever get tired of writing here? This can be a diary, yes. I left home in California with my new rig, the Awesome truck (Chevrolet Silverado extended cab with Onstar, Duramax 2500 diesel engine, Allison transmission with 4X4) and Brightwing II, (29' Titanium by Glendale made in Canada) on January 15, 2002 headed for the L.A. area to rendevous with a person who was going to install my satellites, one for TV and one for the internet, 2-way data, a brand new technology option still being beta tested, and I signed on for the adventure. I had a wonderful 3 weeks there getting to know my new "home" and hanging out with the satellite tech, his wife and her mother. Only half of what was supposed to happen, the TV install, happened and so I headed east with a stop at sister Sue's in Helendale (Apple Valley) and on to Quartzsite, AZ, an interesting spot on the map.

I left behind in California pretty brand new twin great grandbabies, age 13 months, named Sophia and Brent. Here's what they looked like when we took the five generation picture in February 2001, age 3 months. The 5 generations are Zeta, my mother age 91 at the time, me, the great-grandmother, my daughter Karyn, the grandmother, her son Andrew the father, and also in the picture is the twins' mother, Zyla.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hey, this is neat. My first day blogging. Where do I start? Well, at the beginning. I will start at the time I sold my property in California in December 2001 and moved to New Mexico, Belen, that is, in January 2002, and here is a picture of the home I purchased. It comes in 2 parts. The left side is rented to Tom and Peggy and the right side is where I stashed my stuff, but Diane lives there as chief resident ... while I travel in Brightwing. In and out. That's my AWESOME truck over there in the driveway. And that New Mexico blue sky is most days. Elevation in Belen: 4900 feet. High desert. Average rainfall: 7 inches.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Joline: Here are some of your photos:

Here ya go Joline. Let's see if everything is working?! From Odie's Roadies to you ... Happy Trails!