Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hello ... well, arrived Salt Lake City yesterday morning and two days of researching my satellite problems have brought us no further towards resolving same. I am hooked up in RV park until Tues. when things crank up again after the holiday. My DataStorm software does not talk to the Direcway software, something they have never seen before, sheesh. And parts of my equipment are old (by tech standards) and so the system has been updated, but it still does not address my issue.

I don't mind staying in SLC. Been here at least 10 times before and I know where the good restaurants are, the movie house, Wild Oats (the organic grocery) and anything else I need. After all, this is the HQ for Young Living and so it goes. I look forward to just hangin' out. And speaking of Young Living, Essential Oils, that is, I made Master Star this month, whoop-de-doo. Thanks to all of you in my downline for working hard and making this happen for me. It only helps you, too. It's taken about 9 years to get to this level. I don't know what this means to me financially, but it should be an improvement.

Son Greg, wife Cathy and their two boys, Gregory and Peter, are just down the road about a hundred miles. We are all anxious to get together (my next stop, Evanston WY); it's just delayed a few days.

Let's see what interesting picture I can find in my large stash ...

These are some goats taking a walk past my rest stop at that moment. This was along Canada 1, a lovely drive heading towards Louise and Banff.

A good affirmation for today:

"Today I am sailing through my glorious life. Experiences unfold divinely. I trust my clear guidance, directing me toward moments of exquisite realization and arrival."
Connee Chandler, A Gift of Vision.

P.S. The ice field pictures were all taken in "movie mode." Egads. How on earth? I found one program where I can view the pictures as stills, but have not figured out how to get them in the appropriate format for here Some days technology is my downfall ... but, still, the challenge seems to be worth it, doncha think? Life can't possibly be dull.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Hello Everyone ... a short note to let you know that I am okay, fine, wet, SAD (seasonal affective disorder, hehe) and after one long, challenged week of computer, satellite and truck ... yes, truck ... miseries ... AND RAIN, a TON of it, I am safely encamped in Salt Lake City and intend to stay still, quiet, meditative, alone, finish the DaVinci Code (almost done)and contemplate my navel. More tomorrow ....

Namaste` As I thump my thymus and say: "Heart teach my mind, heart teach my mind, heart teach my mind."
Hint: This creates the correct polarity for you.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Good Morning from Conrad, Montana ... yep, still here. Had a dead battery 2 mornings in a row. The first was Sunday morning while parked 2 hours inside Canada with Monday looming as a holiday (Queen Victoria's birthday, or some queen) so decided to cross the border and at least get into the U.S. in case I needed to find a Chevy garage open on Monday. Well, that is exactly what happened. My mother's intuition working yet again.

The second morning (yesterday) the battery was dead again, . However, the towtruck person guided me to a good Chevy garage only 20 miles down the road [now in deep gratitude for such luck] and so I spent all day yesterday there. Well, you know how it is, it's Monday and I'm a drop-in. Those folks at Van Motors were the nicest ever and after much testing, etc., etc., it was determined that my battery is, indeed, dead and it apparently was caused by my CB radio being turned on. (Left on is more like it). Well, that radio has been on since last October when I went to Mexico, because that's the last time I paid attention to that. It took that long to do in my battery. I'd say that was a good battery, now gone to battery heaven. Keep your fingers still crossed, though, because I have yet to go out this morning and try the new battery. Stay tuned.

If you've had enough battery talk, here's a little diversion into the bakery shop at Lake Louise. Which one did I pick?

How about a strawberry tart with a mocha latte`? Yum.

Hallelujah! While diving for the above picture my ice field pictures appeared in a different format. Will I be able to open them? Stay tuned. Time to go check the new battery.

Affirmation for today:

"I am willing to know God better. I ask the question: 'What is God?'
I discover more exciting answers every day."

A Gift of Vision by Connee Chandler.

Sunday, May 23, 2004


Hey, it is soooo good to be back after the struggle with changing satellites (because of being in the far northern region, having my computer crash from viruses and popup ads (1000s of them) in the adult entertainment genre`) and the final blow, nothing would work where I was in Canada, whew!

Today I crossed the border back into the US of A and am now encamped in Montana ... but it was snowing earlier. And my mail tells me that most of you in the southern regions are warming up nicely. Sounds pretty good to me. I went through a half tank of propane yesterday just trying to stay warm, while the rain pelted relentlessly ALL day long. So started this morning off with a dead battery in the truck. Wonder what that was all about, or what I did or didn't do. So enough ...

My pictures are not revealing themselves yet on my newly arranged computer and so it's like moving and wondering what's in all those boxes. I have found everything I took at Lake Louise so will start there. It was a wonderful week in the area. I fell in love with Banff.

This is a scene while driving towards Lake Louise
somewhere on Canada 1 between Revelstoke and LL.

View walking from the parking lot towards the hotel.

The lake is partially frozen and the familiar blue color
does not appear at lake level, only from a higher elevation.

Another view at lake level ....

Well, this is 30 for today, guess it's tomorrow .. oh, well, more later.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

MAY 5-10,2004

Good Afternoon ... still visiting the cyber cafe in Banff, Canada. My restored computer is scheduled to be delivered to me tonight. My neighbor in the campground is also displaying a Datastorm dish, so will try to inquire of him/her about that. Who knows? Maybe I will be up and running here, of all places.

Yesterday I took a daylong trip to the Columbia Ice Fields and it was awesome! Just as soon as I get my pictures into the computer I will do a travelog complete with pictures, hopefully tomorrow. You won't want to miss that.

So for now I need to hop back to the campground to be there for my new friend, Dan, the pc computer guy, whom I dowsed out of the yellow pages. I have pretty good luck with that. Stay tuned.

Thought for the day:

"Today I am a connoisseur of life. I look for the beauty
in everyone and everything I encounter. My life sparkles."
Science of Mind

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

CAN-AM Dowsing Conference May 5-10, 2004
Scroll down.

Second day in Banff, this great Swiss Alps village. Have a great camping spot up the Tunnel Mountain and my TV satellite is up and running to keep up with the news. It's not so great these days, so keep on taping Oprah and Dr. Phil to watch later. Not so the other satellite. I won't get on that one until probably mid next week after I return to the U.S. in Montana. Computer is still crashed and slowly working on resolving that.

Meanwhile, here I am at the cyber cafe in the bowels of an underground mall. Signed up just now for a 10-hour all day trip tomorrow to the ice fields up yonder. Hope to get some great pictures to share.

More observations on driving and parking a large rig in Canada: Lane striping on Canada 1 (where I am mostly driving) is practically non-existent. A couple of times I found myself in the wrong lane, hey, where's the lane, egads.

Banff has one small street sign at each corner, figure out which corner, and I couldn't read 'em with 20/20 eyes. Canada does not have enough large spaces and no markings for RVs. Large shoppping centers with large parking lots are few and far between.
As in the U.S. lots of trucks and SUVs. The best part is the numbers of vehicles on the road and in town are zillions less than in the U.S. A great pleasure.

Well, it's time to go out and find a hairdresser to bring the roots up to date, hehe.
More tomorrow.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Hello, hello, from Banff, Alberta, Canada. Chris is helping me out here. She is capable of putting notes on my blog, thank heavens. Am at the public library in Banff, and I have 6 minutes left on my allotted time. My computer has crashed and my satellite will not work this far north. Am taking lots of pictures, though, and I hope to dazzle you soon. Hope I don't have that Sasser virus, what a pain. Spent this morning at Lake Louise and fulfilling my lifelong fantasy of seeing that setting. Well, I did it today!

More later. Sending you all lots of wonderful energy and lots of hugz filled with love.

Hello all - this is Chris here. I just spoke to Joline on the phone and she is without computer and Internet service again. It may be a day, it may be a week or more, so keep checking here. She's taken lots of photos of the Canadian Rockies that she will be posting here for us all to see.

For those of you who were at the Dowsing Can-Am conference with her, she says to please feel free to copy any photos or text from her blog coverage of the event.

Thursday, May 13, 2004


Not much to add today ... decided to stay over one more day in Harrison Hot Springs to take care of my mail and computer stuff (lots of JUNK coming in and trying to get to the bottom of that!) A little sunshine coming in and out of the clouds.

So back to my nostalgia pictures, got lots of them.

Cactus in bloom in May 2003 in my backyard in Belen.

My home in Belen, New Mexico.

"The major institution for social change is the human heart."
-- Ram Dass

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


The mail packet arrived exactly how Walt Woods described it. Since I didn't write it down, here is how it played out. Originally Walt said the mail packet would not arrive on Wednesday at first, but that on a second try it would ... or something to that effect. At 1:00 the office here at the RV park did get their mail, but my packet was not there. Oh, dear, and a lot of hand wringing. I drove into town for brunch. At 2:00 I had the GREATEST of urges to go by the post office and ask one more time. I did that, and HOORAY the packet was there. GREAT RELIEF and I can now leave this lovely village.

The problem, in case you are interested: The packet did NOT have the name of the RV park on it, just the street address. Harrison Hot Springs does not have home mail delivery (did not know that beforehand) and everyone has a PO box. My package was sent to PO Box 690, which that box did receive and returned it to the PO today, whereupon the postmistress recognized me as being someone who came in every day for a week inquiring about my mail packet. So there you have the rest of the story. All's well that ends well.

Moral of the story: Trust in your dowsing!

A little nostalgia: The Genesa Crystal in my backyard
at home in Belen. Quan Yin is looking on from the side.

The hot tub at home in Belen.

MAY 5-10, 2004. SCROLL DOWN.

Hey, it's Wednesday morning. Wonder if the mail from home will arrive today? Day 9!
Will the master dowsers be correct? Stay tuned.

Still camped at Big Foot. Have lots of computer work to do, so it's okay.
Here's a picture of the flowers that were on my table at lunch yesterday. It
made my day.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

For CAN-AM Dowsing Conference, see May 5-10, 2004

Good Morning ... This will be a pay the bills, do laundry and wash the hair day after all the activity of last week and weekend. It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with Walt and Mardi and Harold and Vanna. We all had dinner together last night and talked for a long time.

I receive my mail from home by carrier pigeon (up here anyway) and am still awaiting the packet sent a week ago yesterday. Last night, in the company of some extraordinary dowsers, they came up with that it would arrive on Wednesday, tomorrow. Since the mail comes in here just once a day, that would be 11 a.m. Good thing I'm in no hurry. The spring lever on my screen door got broken over the weekend and today I found a Titanium dealer in Calgary (I intend to go there after Louise and Banff) who has one and said "come on by." The universe is so helpful, thanks to my buddies and unseen assistants. I am so very grateful.

And the sun that came out so gloriously earlier is now covered with fog and gray. Well, it was great for awhile. A good day to watch all the videos I made last week of Oprah and Dr. Phil. Today is the day that the military general from Iraq is reporting to Congress over the prison mess. Imagine the airways will be full of that tonight.

Well, I won't bore you any longer with off road day activities ... will settle in with a good book like "The DaVinci Code" and burn some more CDs of Raymon Grace's 3 hours on Coast to Coast on March 31st (a pivotal program) for friends.

Here's a picture of some sweet little Indigos, my great grandbaby twins, Sophia and Brent, age 3-1/2.


Monday, May 10, 2004

The beginning of the reporting of the CAN-AM Dowsing Conference begins on May 5, 2004 in this Blog. For those of you who visited this site earlier, there are additions and changes to the earlier posts, so you might want to go back.

Hello Dowsers and Friends Everywhere .... back from lunch and will continue this publishing business. Naturally the upgrades have me on a new learning curve... but one improvement, I can go in and make corrections and additions.

So to continue with this saga as promised, we ended with the Friday night program and Walt Woods, the featured speaker. Walt is always a joy and a blessing and full of new information. He left me with a new thought or explanation for dowsing:

Dowsing is Mother's Intuition with a Readout Device . Well, how simple is that!

Saturday morning right after breakfast featured Mardi Gieseler speaking on "Communication With All Things." Her powerpoint presentation was attention grabbing and most interesting.

Here's Mardi:

During break time I dashed upstairs to the Vendor Room and talked to the folks up there.

Vendor Ellen Aitchinson was displaying some awesome objects 'd art made by her husband called Custom Wands by Derek.

Isabel Stadnicki, a Life Member of the Canadian Society of Questers, was showing her new book, "The Art of Healing." Paul Chelli is in the picture with Isabel.

Next stop, the Tamahi Minerals table where I caught John Savage and Rita McInnes.

Whoops, break time is over and a dash down the stairs to the main room just in time to catch Maureen Mason Edwardson speaking on "Plug Into Unlimited Consciousness."

Maureen ...

And it's already lunch time. Where did the morning go? Registered attendees enjoyed a free lunch, hehe, (well, sort of) together in the Harrison Room .. and the food was mighty plentiful and good. I was too busy eating to get any pictures.

At 1 p.m. was a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, which I missed somehow, but Jackie got a picture of that.

The first speaker on the afternoon schedule is Many Horses (Frank Austin) from a tribe 11 hours to the north of here, and so sorry I did not write that down. Thought I could remember. I'm just a cub, you must remember, and so some of the detials are just plain missing. The title of his talk is "Wisdom of the Elders."

But here's a picture of healer extraordinaire, Many Horses, chatting after his presentation.

The afternoon break finds many people outdoors in the sunshine hanging about the beautiful fountain in the hotel courtyard.

John Living continues his work wherever he is.

Stephen Kolasa enjoying an icecream cone, yum!

Coming back into the room we continue with Susan McNeill Spuhler speaking on "Dowsing Your G-spot (Gold Spot)"

Dinner was on our own and fast because the evening program began at 6:30 prompt with Harold McCoy speaking on "Healing, Dowsing and Other Mind Phenomena."

Whew! What a Day! This reporter crashed into bed to find the morning alarm an intrusion into blissful sleep. Oh, well, we have another full day ahead.

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2004

Are you still with me? Well, you know how hectic a conference can be ... but wouldn't miss a minute, would you? Lots more today.

Early breakfast. It's Sunday morning. And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on our earth including our Earth Mother. I forgot all about it until my own daughter called as we were into the first speaker of the morning. I said I'd call her back.

First on the agenda is Michael Stodola speaking on "Connecting To and Working With The Devic Realm."

Michael Stodola...

And then break time comes around so fast .....egads. More breathing fresh air around the courtyard fountain.

Last speaker but not least is Deni Luna talking about "The Art of Divination:Dowsing and Clairvoyance."

After a second "free" lunch, many of us gathered at a beautiful spot near the lagoon off Lake Harrison for the scheduled tree planting ceremony. A raffle was held many times throughout the days and evenings hosted by Gordi Minishull ... a giant of a guy ... who did one of the hardest jobs of all at any dowsing conference, selling raffle tickets. The proceeds of this particular raffle went to buy the tree, (and more about that in a moment) There were many wonderful, donated prizes being raffled. But first here's Gordi doing his thing ...

Now the tree. Name: Forest Pansy (cercis canadensis) with seasonal leaves. Winter, dark red; spring, red buds; summer, green; fall, gold. What a beauty.

There was a wonderful, heartfelt ceremony led by the "committee," which included Jeanne Williams, (Vice-President of New Generation Dowsers of Lynnwood WA), Merlin Beltain, (President of Canadian Society of Questers) Susan Collins, (President of Canadian Society of Dowsers) Brian Bell (Hardworking Master of Ceremonies and Behind the Scenes Kinda Guy), Marc Montes, President of the New Generation Dowsers ... and I apologize for neglecting to get the name of the other person ... but you know who you are.

This picture is entitled "Merlin Leading the Charge"

This picture is entitled "Susan Collins Dowsing the Front Door"

This is the planted and blessed tree and this is the committee ...

A lovely ceremony!

The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to field trips for registered attendees which included the following:

Coquihalla Tunnels - energy vortices and tunnels.

This is Jackie Reid dowsing in the tunnels.

Energy Medicine Dowsing
Core Bits Dowsing
Men's Sweat Lodge
Women's Sweat Lodge
Harrison Hot Springs Dowsing

Following are candid shots of some of the many folks attending this great conference.
It seemed small and cozy in size, but believe me when I tried to photograph everyone attending it was IMPOSSIBLE!

This concludes the reporting of the First Ever CAN-AM Dowsing Conference at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, May 7-9, 2004. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please let us know at

If you are interested in audio or videotapes, please contact Merlin Beltain, RR#7, C-163, Parker Cove, Vernon BC V1T 7Z3. Phone: 250-542-5940 FAX: 250-542-1226 Email: Videos: $25 each, Audios: $10 each. American or Canadian? Don't know.

The committee vows that next year will be another conference across the border in Washington State.

A good time was had by all!