Friday, July 30, 2004

Days still flying by ....  just now feeling like the world is a bit brighter.  Have had a rough week with that tooth pullin' business.  Have determined that the trouble lies with an exposed nerve ... but it's feelin' mo bettah.  And so it was a good week for the Democratic Convention.  One could just lay around and watch whatever.  It was so nice to turn on C-Span, who just puts the cameras on the action and let YOU be the analyst ... whew, what a concept.  Those talking heads just get in the way with the real thing.  Oh, well. 

I am content with Kerry and Edwards.  Anybody but Bush, at this point.  If you want to know why I say this, it is because I am an environmentalist, I LOVE MOTHER EARTH, and the Bush Admin. is ravaging her.  It's called RAPE.  I am in pain daily over the antics of that bunch, making it okay to pollute the air and water, rather than trying to reverse it.  Making it okay to cut down old trees and rain forests, ad nauseum.  They appear to be HEART-less and SOUL-less.  Moreover, it does not make sense, to me.  So that's my soap box for today. 

Let's see what wonderous pictures of peace and tranquility I can find for today ....

This is part of a collection called "Fancy Fruit" that someone sent me recently. 
It's kinda fun ....

Here's a Hawaiian sunset from March 2003 trip .... well, it's either Maui or Kona, take
your pick.



Monday, July 26, 2004

A bit Behind here ....  exciting weekend, kicked in the butt by my tooth pulling adventure.  Oh, well.  So between trying to find nourishment to pass through my somewhat locked jaw, continually wanting to nap (to heal, of course)  and learning to grant write, buy tax lien certificates (what a concept) and do good deeds with real estate ... oh, wow!  And spend a whale of a lot of money (how did that happen?)  But it's all for the good cause.  It takes money to make money.  Didn't someone say that once?  I usually go for the brass ring, and I really did it this time.  Anyway ....

So just before this adventure began I met my friend Suzie Clark from Michican for lunch at the Wild Boar Steakhouse (becoming my neighborhood favorite place) and we enjoyed the Joline salad.  Yes, they have designated a salad that I dreamed up and it is now on their menu.  Gee Whiz.

So here's Suzi ... 

and here's how to find the Wild Boar ...

Oh, you want to know what's in the salad? 

 Well, it's very Atkins.  No carbs. 

Lots of salad greens, the darker the better, with whatever you like in it, cukes, onions, tomatoes, avocado, you know, your favorites, then sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles, or gorgonzola, or parmesan, you get the drift, topped with a freshly cooked and sliced piece of meat, steak, chicken, fish, whatever you like, crusted with a 3-pepper crust (oh, yum) and then with your favorite dressing.  I like balsamic vinegar and a good olive oil.  If the meat is warm, (and it should be) and there's lots of pepper flavor, what happens in the bottom of the very large bowl is a juice from the meat and other liquids all marinating together, and that is the very best part of the salad.  Now if one were to have a slice of good bread (verboten on Atkins) ... but if one were to indulge ... what a treat to swipe that bread through that juice .... ahh h-h-h.  Otherwise a spoon will do.

So later on the week we rounded up a pile of community folk and neighbors and trotted on down to the Valencia County Courthouse in Los Lunas, our county seat .....  drum roll ... 


... to urge our Commissioners (5 of them) to revisit their approval of a fraudulent map that would allow the building of heavy industry, which permitted a big power plant to be built too close to residential.  A majority of the Commissioners agreed that our county's zoning history has been spotty and at times non-existent (sleepy Mexican village, remember) but the giant is waking up.  This was a big win for the citizens ... and so we celebrated.  I caught some pictures after the meeting with Joani, Paul K. and Betts just as a gorgeous sunset was happening.


A few minutes later Commissioner Paul Trujillo, a really good guy and on our team and the Commissioner representing our mesa land) let me have a photo-op with him  (He's the guy in the middle)


So then the dentist business, yuck, and then the grant writing weekend.  No pictures from that one, but there were 5 of us from the Harmonious Earth Community and by melding our ideas and energies together I know that we can write some awesome grants to get our community center going.  Our application for a non-profit 501(c)(3) has been filed and we are just waiting approval.  We need a 2-mile road to the property, 13 buildings, landscaping, parking, equipment, a well, septic system, solar system, lots of trees and landscaping, all for 110 acres of gorgeous mesa land in Central New Mexico.  It is happening.  The energy is in the air.

And the local temperature has dropped, dropped, dropped.  It is really heavenly for the last 4-5 days.  It can't get any better than this, yes!




Wednesday, July 21, 2004

6 Days???? Whaaaaa!  Well, guess I must be having fun.  Well, I am ... but not what you think.  These lazy, hazy days of summer must be getting to me.  It is HOT, no doubt about that, but the swamp cooler in the house and A/C in truck and trailer work just fine.   A phone call from a friend got me to a presentation in ABQ re grant writing, and since that subject interests me because of our non-profit community, I am now signed up for a 2-day workshop this coming weekend, sheesh!  This is leading me down another path, I can tell.  It might be fun and financially rewarding at the same time.  Who couldn't use a little extra pocket change?

Suzi Clark from Michigan has been visiting in the area and we spent a pleasant Sunday visitin' and eatin', not too shabby.   I took some pictures but the camera is still in the truck.  Tonight is the Valencia County Board of Commissioners' meeting which involves all us good citizens and a proposed power plant in the area.  We went through this a lot 2 years ago, and then it ended up in the courts.  The court stuff is all over and the community is back to the drawing board.  So I have been helping to round up at least 50 warm bodies to show up tonight.  If it's not obvious, we are NOT FOR a power plant in the neighborhood (3 miles from my house).  We do have pristine air around here and we intend to keep it that way.  Between the local stuff and the national stuff we citizens have a lot to do to keep vigilant.  I guess this is what you do when you don't have a job to go to any more.  Thank goodness for that!

I am making plans and intentions to return to the road around mid-September, so don't give up on me and my traveling.   The goal is Kerrville TX for the DataStorm (my internet satellite) rally and then on to Nashville for the East Coast Young Living Essential Oils convention with Dr. Gary Young, my hero for good health.  I intend to meet up with friend Marilyn.  We were strangers, then housemates who became friends on last year's Mexico trip.  Now she owns land here in NM, too, and eventually she might end up down here.  And so the world turns, hehe!

More later ....   XOXOX

"Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. By finding your own dream and following it through, it will lead you to the myth-world in which you live. But just as in dream, the subject and object, though they seem to be separate, are really the same."   ~Joseph Campbell


Thursday, July 15, 2004

Belen NM ....  well. I have new choices in formatting this blog.  My hidden helper is very busy.  I am just checking in with you who follow my life in this diary.  I don't have much to report or say except that it is very HOT here with some mugginess ... most unusual, not the hot part but the muggy part.  Humidity was 75 today, in the house.  Am thinking of all of you and wonderin' what everybody's doin'. 
A little plan is forming regarding the next trip.  There will be a DataStorm Users (internet satellite) rally in Kerrville TX the end of Sept.  Four days later Gary Young will be putting on the East Coast convention in Nashville TN ... I can make that.  and four days after that ends there is a Dixieland Jazz Fest in Branson MO.  I can make that.  Might make a nice little trip, doncha think?
Andrew's birthday (oldest grandson) is Saturday and am thinking especially of him.  He will be 26.  Here's a picture of that boy.  I remember the day he was born on July 17, 1978.  That seems like a long time ago.  I was hoping he would get here before I needed to leave for the granddaddy whitewater trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a raft.  No digital cameras then, so no pictures on my hard drive.    

And here's Drew with his twins, Sophia and Brent,
age 3-1/2 ....  Happy Birthday, my Man. 

Here's a couple of pictures that I lifted from my friends Chris and Jim so you can get the flavor of the sport.  Seeing their recent pictures brought back a jillion memories of the Marin River Rats, a group of whitewater rafters in the late 1970s who all met through Helen Eng of Mill Valley, and over five years together we went down 12 major rivers and had a ball.  How cool is that?



As I recall, I was home in Terra Linda (San Rafael) when Andrew was born,
but only home  for 3 days between whitewater trips that summer.  I know I
was invited to be present at the birth but declined.  Not my thing.  I think
that's a private event between the mommy and the daddy.  Just my
opinion, okay?
Here's to a swell weekend ahead and wishing you all lots of love and
fun, fun, fun.  


Monday, July 12, 2004

Belen NM .... Crazy Monday and I still cannot find the Farmer's Market pictures. So I can find the ones I took at the Harmonious Earth Community meeting on Saturday.

Driving up I spot a Hummer in the drive so know I'm at the right place. Nathan started out with Lincoln Town Cars, then Lincoln Navigators and now Hummers for all the folks who work for him. Gil and Danna work for him.

This is Gil and Danna's house in the summertime with a green lawn. It is so colorful due to Mike Melendrez' "Trees That Please" beasties ... that's another whole story .... part of the story is that New Mexico was once a FOREST of 38 species of oak trees. Many in our community want to replant the mesa and we have a beeline to one million trees available in a grant ... so we're workin' on it.

The gathering started off with a potluck and here's Louise cookin' the chicken.

While checking out the chicken I looked over at the community garden and saw the corn as high as an elephant's eye ....

After lunch we had our meeting with wonderful people all sharing their ideas and trying to follow an agenda ... well, sort of ... and we have what we call a Guardian leading us through the maze. Today's Guardian is Charmian ... sharing an outstanding medidation.

Here's Gil during a break ...

The afternoon concluded with a new guest, Nicolette, sharing her channeling skills with the group. (No picture).

And I drove home to my little neighborhood past Del Fuego Park and turned right down Dulcinea to the end, where I live. After Cecelia and I stopped in at the Wild Boar for a late, yummy dinner.
She stayed the night to drive home to Albuquerque in the cool of tomorrow morning.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Belen NM ....sorry about the duplicates. Have spent 2 hours this morning trying to straighten it all out and am hoplessly lost. Also, the new pictures I took at the first of the season Farmer's Market yesterday are hoplessly lost, too. So I'ma gonna go play with my community friends over at Gil and Danna's today. A winter shot of where we meet.

And in the spring ....

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Belen NM .... continuing on with the story .... we kept driving north, east, north, east and finally when we saw the Santa Fe railroad tracks I knew we were close to New Mexico State Highway 6. We did see some buildings and a lot of trucks (common sight in New Mexico) and stopped to ask for directions (we're women, you know) and spotted a trailer full of lovely goats going somewhere.

We found we were 200 feet or yards (can't remember which) from Highway 6! Indeed!

Zippin' on down the highway we reached our appointed rendevous just in time for dinner at the Luna Mansion where it was delightful to meet up (after my 6 months absence) with Danny and Penny Griego, the "new" owners a year ago of this great restaurant in Los Lunas. It was once a Harvey House,and Mike Melendrez's grandmother was born here, but that's another story.

AND I neglected to snap a picture of this glorious piece of this area's history. Shameful. But I promise a picture soon.

So here's Danny and Penny and a picture of one of Penny's gorgeous flower arrangements. She owns a wholesale flower shop, too.

Rupali from Sabinal joined Lea and me in a great feast. We were enjoying the good wine too much to remember to take more pictures. Aahh!

What a day!

Continuing ... after my heart-breaking disaster of last Sunday in losing a LONG post, am doing things in pieces now.

Moving on to Sunday and the party at Nathan's to celebrate the 4th of July and his birthday ... following are pictures to tell the story.

Entering Nathan's lovely property and walking up the long drive ...

Arriving into the front courtyard, to the right is Nathan's front door.

In the middle of the courtyard is a fountain with, you guessed it, a model of a "rig" with a flame coming out of the top. Wow! The flame was out when I arrived but I tried to get a picture of it when it was re-lit just before dark, dark and you have to look closely to see the flame at the tippy top.

So into the house to survey the food prep going on in high gear in the kitchen.

Didn't get too many "people" pictures, ones you can recognize at any rate, but here's Jo and Will, couple on the right (bride and groom now for about a month or so).

Back outdoors into the courtyard where the party is beginning to go into full swing.

And the music played on and on ... oh, how delightful. Joani Artiaga and her daughter inspired Chirin and her partner to get up for a swashbuckling Latin dance.

I snapped Chirin (a Thai professional dancer extraordinaire) sitting down, her dress is so colorful, but was so engrossed in watching the dance that ... you guessed it... no picture, sheesh.

We sang Happy Birthday to Nathan ....

And Nathan pontificates ....

But he has his cake and eats it, too ...

And after dark and the glow of good food and good company, we all headed for home to watch many exhibitions of fireworks in the night sky.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Belen NM ...After my last disaster in trying to post a very wonderful weekend and losing it ... am game to try again after a few days rest.

Saturday morning began the day with Lea Walters, visiting here from California. We enjoyed breakfast at the Wild Boar Steakhouse (our new and upcoming restaurant and just down the street, can you believe that? A dream come true). At noon we picked up Joan Smith and journeyed to the mesa where Tom Fessenmeyer lives for a mid-day celebration of Mother Earth (Gaia) with Joan performing a real, honest to goodness pipe ceremony. Joan is a community member and a Penobscot Indian from Long Island NY. Ed Clibborn joined us. Following is a picture of Joan after the ceremony, no pictures are allowed during.

This is Tom, me, Lea and Ed ....

And Garuda was looking on ....

Garuda came home with Tom from a visit to Bali. Garuda is also the logo/mascot of Indonesian Airlines.

After an enjoyable visit with everyone, Lea and I decided to go to the Celestorium, the sound/healing temple engineered by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, an ancient Egyptian civilization, over on the Nicolas Duran de Chavez ranch, near my future home site 10 acres. The roads were drying up after the 100-year rain of a week ago and we made it through to the temple.

Next we decided to drive down to the Rio Puerco River nearby, but after driving for quite awhile I knew that I had passed some cow trail down to the river and we were headed north to parts unknown.

The above picture courtesy of Jim Van Hoose.

Believing that now we are more than halfway to Los Lunas (our dinner destination) we might as well be adventurous and plow new territory. It was kinda fun driving around and around and around the mesa playing lost (we really weren't ... because there is Onstar on the truck, the cell phones worked, we were headed north by compass, and following the river north.)

How could we be lost? Well, actually we weren't, but when checking with Onstar we had only progressed north 3 miles in 1-1/2 hours, 7 more to go and it IS getting late, and the gas tank is going DOWN.

Stay tuned ....

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Arg@!*!hh .. I spent 3 hours this morning making up a special 4th of July post with lots of pictures ... and when I went to publish, my satellite went down and all was lost .... weeping tears of something. Guess you will just have to imagine what it was all about! My community is celebrating in the next few hours and I must leave .... Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July.

Love 'n hugz ....

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Belen, NM .... Well, it's been a few days once again. That seems to be the pattern. Busy times around here, or I am doing less. Whatdaya think? The activities on our mesa are going strong and the end result is just out of reach at the moment. A coupla more weeks. Can we wait that long? You'd think after 10 years that that would be easy ... duh, well ... I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday to hurry up and get here.

Here's Cowboy and me ... aahh, Cowboy. Cowboy is our mesa security person ... I met him in 1995 or 6 on my first visit. He's a real tootin' rootin' six shooter sheriff's deputy and he and wife, Lori, live in a small guard trailer. Twice I camped on my land and twice Cowboy brought me water, like 20 gallons at a pop. He came by each day to make sure I/we were all right. If I remember correctly, my friend Ruby and I made 2 trips here in the mid-90s in Brightwing I.

Sooooo today Lea Walters, visiting here from California, and I will go together and join with others on the mesa at Tom's house for a "Gateway" ceremony ... something important for the Albuquerque area. I took this picture of Lea earlier in the week as we were part of the cheerleading crowd at NAT 1.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and many of us will be celebrating at Nathan's home/palace in ABQ. Always fun to go there and experience how the other half lives, hehe.

If any of you reading this want clarification of names, places or things, send me a personal email. Obsfucation right now is necessary. Explainable later. All for today as it is time to git. BW2 (awesome truck) is all spit and polished, yet again, for another trip to the mesa.

Today is Mother Earth's Day, well, a special one. Every day is her day. Ciao!