Saturday, August 28, 2004

Enjoying the Olympics from Athens ... what a beautiful place, and, yes, they got their act together to pull it off. There are some events that are astounding because I have never seen them before .... beach volleyball, syncronized diving ... old favorites .... gymnastics, (the judging is rather sad) regular diving ( my-o-my ... dives that were not even invented yet in my day (remember, mom was a swim coach and had us in the water all the time, swimming and diving, and, yes, synchronized swimming ... ) but routines nothing like I saw last night. Track and field ... brings back memories of my own endeavors a jillion years ago. Ah-h-h, I love those summer Olympics.

It seems that adding new pages to this blog is becoming a once a week event. So we will have to live with that. I left off with an iminent visit by friend Leah DeBruyn of Los Vegas. We had a swell five days with dinner one night at the Luna Mansion. (I finally got a picture of the outside. Isn't this a magnificent old treasure?) The dining area is on the lower floor and the upstairs is all bar and lounge area. Smoking is still allowed in New Mexico (shameful), but at least the new owners have banned smoking in the restaurant, hooray.

And Leah posing in front of a giant of a tree out front.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent the better part of each day on the mesa. My second batch of pics are lost (again) on my computer but here are some memories of our Friday adventure. Leah's friend Beaucoup arrived from Texas on Saturday and those are the pics that are hiding .

We met at the Rio Rancho diner at the eastern edge of the
mesa to catch our limosuine ....

Driven by our tour guide, Joan Artiaga ... friend, artist, musician,
politician, jack of all trades ... such a wonderful person ....
drum roll, please ....

And here's the group that toured the mesa on Friday ....

John (Shirley's, Nathan's cook, son), Leah, Joani, Carla,
(Trudy Clawson's daughter) and Kira, Joani's Indigo
grand-daughter, and me taking the picture.

We stopped by the temple site (Celestorium) ...

And I took a more sweeping picture of the sound healing
temple with Leah posing at the side. Yes, that is a copper
pyramid on top. This site is one of four on the planet doing
what it came here to do as directed by the Hathors, an ancient
Egyptian civilization, guided by sound healer Tom Kenyon,
friend of our Harmonious Earth community.

On Friday night we went to dinner at Nathan's in Albuquerque.
Shirley cooked such a superb meal, yum!

Here's Nathan with Leah and Carla ....

And here's the 3 of us ... who ate ourselves silly ....

I have found my pictures taken on Land Tour Day 2, but they are in a place on my hard drive and I don't know how to get them into My Pictures so I can resize, etc. Stay tuned for more. The sky turned absolutely magical and I sure would love to share those pictures with you.

Many Blessings ....

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's getting longer and longer between posts ..... harumph! It must be getting time to hit the road, doncha think? Life is getting too settled in, but then it's kinda nice. New Mexico is actually GREEN, the rains are magnificent, the air temps are in the low 80s and lower ... imagine that? The Olympics are in the air ... am glued to the tube at night watching all thos gymnasts and swimmers 'n divers. Synchronized diving. Never saw that before. Am totally fascinated. Am bedazzled at Athens' ability to pull it off and dreaming dreams of what might have been. My mother was a swim teacher/coach and her dream was to have Olympic children swimmers. It worked for both of us (baby sister Sue and me) until we discovered boys, each in our own time. Remember this was a parent's dream.

Oh, well, this is as close as I get to the water these days.
The hot tub in the backyard in Belen. Brightwing is parked
just to the right.

I saw some movies since we last chatted. One Sunday several of us gathered in Albuquerque to see the documentary "Outfoxed" and another one titled "The Corporation." That was a long day and a lot of popcorn. Some of us liked it and some of us didn't. Now I have a DVD of "Outfoxed" because I forgot I ordered it. Oh, well.

The following week some of us went to see "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and that is a keeper. I would like to own that DVD when it comes out because it would be really cool to view it over and over to discover all the nuances and subtleties of that movie. I liked it because Ramtha, as channeled by J.Z. Knight, was the entity that "woke me up" in 1986 via videotapes and life hasn't been the same since ... thank goodness. I am forever grateful to that energy and for the path I was catapulted on to ... my very own spiritual path ... as if I/we were not on it anyway, I just wasn't aware. Oh, to be awake and aware! The last 18 years has been quite a trip. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. The whole secret is learning how to be IN the world and not OF it. It's terrific once you figure that one out.

So it's time to close and get ready for Leah tomorrow, who will be a houseguest for awhile. She is coming to visit me and tour the land and have dinner with Nathan ... which will keep us all busy for a few days.

Just a reminder of our beautiful mesa ... a most sacred spot
on this planet ....

Desert owls living on the mesa ....

And another glorious sunset ... ahh-h-h.

"Myths are public dreams; dreams are private myths. By finding your own dream and following it through, it will lead you to the myth-world in which you live. But just as in dream, the subject and object, though they seem to be separate, are really the same." ~Joseph Campbell

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sunny Sunday in Belen .... good morning! Well, I have some new pictures for you today from our wild and wacky storm and the famer's market on Friday. Such excitement LOL. Last Monday was a rain storm, the likes of which I have never experienced. Diane and I were running from window to window and then out to the patio with a metal roof, omigod! The noise of the rain hitting the roof was sooooo loud that we could not hear each other talk, imagine that. It turned out that a little hail was mixed in to increase the decibels and we were awestruck. The rain seemed to just plop, then was over, then we had a weird sky. I ran for the camera and this is how it turned out. A gorgeous double rainbow ... however, the pictures turned out brown.

Same camera, several days later and the colors at the farmer's market are bright and yummy. Still trying to figure out what was happening after that storm. What was in the air to make the pictures turn out in the shades they did? It happened so fast that there wasn't time to stop and look and try to figure out. I just pointed and shot.

Friends, Ann and Wayne Larson, are kind of cropped out
of this picture, but their farm is lush and lovely and nearby.

This is friend, Beth Crowder. She keeps us in eggs year
round and other goodies. Her Christmas boutique in her
home in December provides many gift items that she and
hubby, Les, make. He's the beekeeper, honey and candle
person. His picture did not turn out well. Will catch him
next time.

I love the Farmer's Market. More next week.

Guess I should mention (this is a diary) that many of us convened on Wednesday night back at the Valencia County Courthouse and the fireworks sorta flew. In a nutshull, the 1999 Valencia County Zoning Ordinance was declared invalid (don't know why yet ... I can guess) and an emergency was announced so the commissioners could declare a moratorium for 2 weeks to get direction on where this is going. As mentioned before, our community is very much against a large polluting power plant being built, designated heavy industry in a light industry park. So there will probably be lawsuits and other undesirable results, but you can bet this citizen is keeping a watchful eye.

And to end the week, yesterday, Saturday, the Harmonious Earth Community had its monthly potluck and meeting and we oohed and ahhed over Gary Plapp's computer rendition of our vision for a community center. The boat seems to be launching. Still working on the papers to file the non-profit status, but we are now a bonafide New Mexico corporation, hooray.

May God Bless and Keep You All Safe and Happy and Healthy .....


Monday, August 02, 2004

Good Monday Morning .... Hey, we're into August ... as the time just zips on by. Our pleasant high 70s temperatures have melted away and it's back to high 90s during the day. The weekend was busy with tenants moving out, new people looking for a new home, and a small group of us went to the movies on Sunday.

First we saw "Outfoxed," a documentary on the Fox News Channel, and then stayed on to watch another documentary called "The Corporation." A full afternoon of sitting in a hot, (A/C wasn't working too well) arts-house-type, small theater in ABQ. But it was fun. It's been a long time since the owner of the theater, a 40-something, and his volunteer friends made announcements from the front, the crowd cheered, we ate popcorn and settled in with new friends to watch the day's fare (5 hours, a marathon.)

By dinner time everyone disappeared except for Ed, Gary, and me, (we had carpooled together) so we turned towards home and took in the Luna Mansion for a relaxed, yummy dinner. Here's a mesa sunset to close down the day ....

This beauty courtesy of Jim Van Hoose.