Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Christmas Present to Myself ... a new house ...

Pangs of domesticity hit around mid-November. Moving to New Mexico in January 2002 I was in a hurry to hit the road and I never really unpacked. So here's how it unfolded.

Painting and redecorating is such a mess. A lot of scrubbing and elbow grease. That's a Murphy bed on the right side that got moved to the end wall ... wow, what a good idea. In the very back you are looking into the large bedroom/office area ... which did not get touched this go round ... that room housed all the stuff from the living area while we were arranging things.

A father and son did the whole paint job in one day ... 16 hours. The Murphy bed is now moved, didya notice?

I decided on a red wall ....

The new furniture and rugs arrived and the place is transformed.

The pictures from California got unpacked and laid out ....
The last picture is looking into the kitchen area. The bathroom got the works, too, and the kitchen got freshened up with paint and new curtains. I am so pleased with it all that I might never want to leave .... well, not for awhile anyway.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Belen, New Mexico ... My How The Time Flies ... When You're Having Fun! .... there's no way to catch up. Briefly I arrived home the last week of August from the summer trip around Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Highlights were the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City. Friend Trudy Clawson of California joined me for one heckuva week of lots of new information, reuniting with old friends, a joyful annual occasion. Trudy flew home and I went over to Evanston to visit with son Greg and family. They were busy and excited getting Son No. 1, Gregory, (Grandchild No. 5) off to college in California.

I needed to backtrack to Salt Lake for some satellite repairs/update and so after a week of that headed south to I-70 and then south some more through Moab and over to Ccrtez CO, Durango (had dinner with Louise Garnett) and then Pagosa Springs to revisit from 10 years ago when I fell in love with the place. Friend Susan Junta moved there a year ago so reconnected with her ... and stayed more than a week (time melds into one long rolling space) and Pagosa just suits me to a T. If all goes well, I shall return next summer for a longer stay (when it gets hot in NM).

After Pagosa I moved on down to Taos, New Mexico, and just hung out for about 4 days. Then Angel Fire was only 26 miles away and my Chinese restaurant friends from Belen had moved their operation to this top of the world place, reminiscent of an Alpine ski area, the Yu family, mom, dad and 3 kids. I found them happy, thriving and their restaurant packed every night. Jack Yu is such an excellent chef and I so enjoyed visiting with them and being properly fed, yum!

A Belen/Albuquerque/Harmonious Earth friend, Robert Griffin, moved to Mora/Cleveland, New Mexico, earlier this year. He joined up with a community by the name of Hummingbird Ranch and I wanted to see what he/they were up to. I really enjoyed my two days there and spending time in the highlands of Northern New Mexico. Still lots more to see and do.

Stopped in Santa Fe on my way home to Belen and enjoyed a meal with friend Judy Barrett and daughter Jennifer. It all passed by so quickly and then, voila, I found myself going through my back gate with the rig and, plop, we landed and have been here ever since.

September was filled with community activities and houseguests, plus Katrina and Rita .... Patricia Burke and Diane Moriarty came out from California, and so did Daughter Karyn and husband, Forrest ... their frist trip to New Mexico. They all seemed to have a good time. There were visits to the mesa, lots of good food, an Equinox ceremony at our community center site (on the mesa), a Tom Kenyon (sound healer) 3-day event ... a group of 267 ... pretty impressive ... a yummy buffet at Nathan's in Albuquerque ... the Godfather of us all ... such exquisite fun!

And housemate, Diane, has decided to return to Prescott, Arizona, and so there will be changes, a new chapter ... a new trip headed for the dowsing conference in Flagstaff, leaving Oct. 6th ... and friend Marilyn (co-pilot on my 2 Mexico trips) will fly out from Baltimore on Monday, Oct. 3rd, to join me in a romp around Arizona for at least a month.

And no pictures were taken. That's just the way it is.

Except for the sunset during the Equinox ....

(will post pic later) so you have to come back.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good Sunday Morning from Monticello, Utah ... Day 3
Am on the road again, hooray, for a spin around Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Time? 6-8 weeks.

Left Belen at 12:45 p.m. on Friday, July 8th, after stopping for new trailer tires at Big O. Crossed the Continental Divide and arrived in Bloomfield NM exhausted at 4:30 p.m. and slept for 14 hours. Whew! Preparing to leave on a road trip is somewhat tiring.

Woke up a new woman and proceeded on through Cortez CO and into UT for the night, here at Mountain View RV Park. A nice little oasis where my satellite went up without a hitch and we're on the way to Salt Lake City to attend the Young Living Essential Oils annual convention. Trudy Clawson will fly in from California to join me on Tuesday, the 12th.

Meanwhile, to catch up .... I flew to Oakland CA on June 22nd, rented a car and drove to Marin to spend a week with daughter Karyn and family, and friends. The week flew by, naturally, and I ended the week with Harmonious Earth friends in Livermore and Alameda before flying home on the 28th. Took lots of pictures and here are just some. It's hard to choose.

Here are my 3 grandsons, boys of Karyn and Forrest Craig.

Adam ...................... Andrew/Stephanie

........................and Alex.

Daughter Karyn with THE TWINS, Sophia and Brent, age 4-1/2 (father Andrew)

And tucked in for the night .... (my blog program has made some changes to the format and I don't know the drill yet)

One morning old, dear friend, Clyde Brehm, and I met for brunch.

Friend Cindi (see picture below Clyde) remodeled an old house into a spanking new little cottage in Novato. The prices are still steep ... will you believe $679,000 for a thousand sq. feet?
Next is Shakira. We met in around 1987. Met for breakfast at the Golden Omelette in Novato. On my last morning Karyn and I went to the Half Day Cafe for a breakfast only they can prepare, omigod, and sitting right next to us is Kristiina and Michael, my former tenants in the little house out back in San Rafael. We were a family on that piece of property.

I left Marin after a wonderful week and drove to Alameda to pick up Patricia Burke to continue the drive to Livermore for lunch with hostest Barbara Rawles, and other old friends, Gloria Kasdan and Diane Moriarty. We all began our journey together with the Harmonious Earth Community back in around 1995. Many of us have moved to New Mexico since then and some remain in California, always such fun to get together, break bread and have a grand ol' visit. (The pictures won't download/upload? just yet. Later.)

The flight home was normal, except now one has to change planes in Phoenix, a drag ... but BW-2 (my awesome truck) was waiting for me at the Park 'n Fly.

One more highlight in my life before signing off and preparing to move on out .... several of us gathered at Gary Plapp's for the 4th of July ... a potluck supper and fireworks. Gina Polsinelli (Gary's sig. other) was visiting from California, Tom Fesenmeyer, Cecelia Downer, Sally McClure, Sharon Mayo and me all showed up for a glorious 4th. I forgot my camera, for shame.

And another highlight (with no pictures) We have a focus group in our community named the grantwriting/reforestation project. We are learning to write grants and the initial project is to reforest New Mexico (once a forest of 38 species of oak and redwood) and we intend to start with our West Belen Mesa with one million trees. Yes, one million! I did manage to attend a number of their twice monthly meetings during the 2-1/2 months I was in town.

All for now. Time to shove off for Moab UT (one of my favorite places on earth), then Green River, Salida, Provo/Springfield and the KOA in Salt Lake City by tomorrow noon. See you next time.

30 for today.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Belen ... a lazy Saturday in June ... almost the full moon and Summer Solstice
The trip to Kansas City was a delight. Travel went smoothly both ways, though long with all the terminal waiting and early arrival to catch the terrorists, egads!

Albuquerque to Kansas City has a weird flight schedule, two times daily, 6:10 a.m. or 7:35 p.m. either way. I chose the early flight going and the late one coming back. Char, who was driving from Nebraska City, Nebraska, picked me up at the airpot on her way into town and we met Kay John Helms at the hotel and off we went to the Elephant Bar for lunch. That began a fun, hilarious weekend with women I have known since 1942. We continued on together through high school, scattered for college and marriage with family ... but we (9 of us) stayed connected through the process of a Round Robin letter ... it goes around and around like the Energizer Bunny ... you take out your old letter and put in a new one. From time to time we would have a live reunion and lately they are more often as we get older. We don't want to miss a thing! Six of us made it this time and here we are:


The garden view from our rooms ...

Our departure date was Monday and everyone had a flight home at a decent hour. Mine was 7:35 p.m., remember? The suttle to the airport was $45, so I decided to rent a car for the day and did just that and drove myself to the airport. It was a fun, wonderful day. I found a large regional library near the airport and spent several hours there checking email and doing a little business. Mimi's Cafe, one of my favorites, was right around the corner for a delicious lunch. The car seat folded flat so an after lunch nap was in order.

I have to say that Kansas City is a beautiful metropolis. The trees are magnificent. The natives are most friendly. Shopping and food? You'd think you were in the SF Bay Area. Drawback? Weather, of course. We did experience some rain and the frequent tornado watches, ho-hum, but that doesn't compare to what happens in the winter time. Shhh-h-h, I know. I grew up in Nebraska, remember? Well, maybe you don't.

I had intended to go to a movie in the p.m. but had so much fun just driving around that, poof, it was time to return the car and head for the gate.

Will end this by saying that I have a ticket for California for Wednesday and will be flying out there for a week. This is support the airlines month. Looking forward to it.

This is home now and the memory I leave while traveling, the West Belen Mesa with the Manzanos to the East. Photo courtesy of friend Jim Van Hoose.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hola from New Mexico ... looks like I got blogged down in "stuff" here at home. So will touch on the highlights with some pictures. I arrived home to Belen on Saturday, April 23rd.

Spring did not happen when the calendar said it should. We jumped right into HOT summer. But then the tables turned and now spring/early summer is here like it's supposed to be. Wonderful cool mornings, warmer afternoons, and cool breezes again at night. Glorious sun, no wind, just lazy days.

On April 26th Doris Walenta and Mary Ryan came to town to visit their land ...

(still looking for their picture ...)

... with dinner after at the Luna Mansion.

I am remembering a fun day on Saturday, April 30th in Albuquerque at The Pit(a huge indoor colliseum) where Gary Plapp and I went to the Gathering of Nations, my first, where the Native Americans gather for dancing ...

... and eating and socializing. The "dress" is breathtaking together with the dancing.

The male ...

The female ...

... and the child.

The Harmonious Earth Community garden is planted this year with a Goddess Garden overlooking it all. This statue of Quan Yin is gifted from my garden to theirs, since I have two that came all the way with me from California to New Mexico.

The community greenhouse.

Betts and Barbara working in the Goddess Garden.

Chief Gardener, Carol Hart, is holding one of 25 bare root poplar trees gifted to the community by Betts, plus 25 hackberry bushes, that will become part of the windbreak in our experimental garden on the mesa. These plants are planted in mesa soil in new containers to give them a gift of life on the mesa while becoming established.

And here is the King of the Garden ...

... HRH Pierre Peacock!

In May our community was invited with others to the Michael Melendrez (Trees that Please) annual Arboretum Open House ...

... and here's Mike, always teaching, and we are always learning.

He told us all about making humus for the soil (earthworms and other beasties) and how to plant trees in New Mexico, and we bought the video .... which a focus group of our community is in the process of learning all about. We have an ambitious plan to write a grant to buy and plant one million oak trees to help return New Mexico (at least our Mesa) to its native forested state. I am a member of this group when not traveling.

I am also charged with researching and teaching others how to bring in the water the Hopi way, a process that I am familiar with. I wrote an article on this 10 years ago, imagine that. It involves labyrinths, water jars ... meditation and other-worldly things.

On May 14th, as a group we visited Ben Brown's labyrinth project on his land.

That's Dianne Warshak and me walking the labyrinth.

On the same day we visited Mesa Tom's property where Tom proudly showed us his new well, pump, his gazebo and water feature for all to enjoy. Here we are filling water jugs to help Tom water the thirsty plants. Remember this is high, 5,000 feet, dry desert.

And the water feature that Tom is building. There is a pool for circulating water on the far side.

Somehow I missed a shot of Tom's wonderful gazebo up on the top of his little hill. Folks gather there for gorgeous sunsets aplenty.

Seemingly always busy, I flew to Salt Lake City on May 27th, rented a car and drove to Evanston, Wyoming, to attend grandson Gregory Stone's high school graduation on the 28th. Grandpa (Pops) Bob Stone and wife Dorothy (good friend, too) drove up from Riverside, California, and we all had a grand time. Mom Cathy Stone was under the weather with pneumonia and was supposed to be on strict bedrest, but nothing was going to stop her from her son's graduation.

The graduate's family ....

Get the red shoes!

Paternal grandparents ... Joline and Bob.

Other paternal grandparents ... Dorothy and Bob.

Just friends ... Greg and Suzie off to college together.

Am now preparing this week to fly on Friday to Kansas City for MY high school buddies (the Round Robin 9 group) 75th birthday celebration. Later in the month a flying trip to California before preparing the rig to hit the road again on July 9th. Whew!

Take a deep breath and smell the roses.

## 30 for today

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Apache Gold ... San Carlos, Arizona .... hunkered down at the Indian Rez outside of Globe after a very lonnnnng day. It started out okay, the first hour, and then when I unplugged the electricity there was NO 12-Volt! Won't bore you with the details, but I did have a previous appointment at Dillon's RV Repair in Apache Junction (on 60 east of Phoenix) for a toilet repair (the flushing mechanism.) So I arrived at 9:30 a.m. and left at 4 p.m., twiddling my thumbs all that time waiting, and waiting and waiting for parts, etc. The no 12-volt was a bad breaker. That got fixed and the toilet works like brand new. So I finally feel like I'ma headin' home. To relieve the stress I ate a whole carton of Haagen Dazs ... well, almost. It's time to post pictures.

My Baby Sister Sue celebrated her 70th birthday on Tuesday. I sent her the tulips because she deserves them and because I thought it might help take her mind off "the big" birthday. Isn't she gorgeous?

In March Sue's grandson, Brandon Tiago, went into the Marines. His Grandpa and Sue's first husband, Joe Tiago, Jr., was a General in the USMC. General Joe had a massive heart attack in 1979 and is no longer with us on this plane. Brandon is the first child of any of our children or grandchildren to go into the military.

Here's Sue, Lori, her daughter and Brandon's mom, the Hunk, and his Great Grandma Zeta (Sue's and my mom, age 95).

She's really a Great Great Grandma because of the twins, Sophia and Brent, down my line. And here they are last summer down at the farm. I just love to show them off, wouldn't you?

Well, that's 30 for today. G'nite.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chandler, Arizona ... Hacienda Solano Resort ... Day 10 ... can you believe this? Guess I'm having too much fun ... nah, just catching up with chores .... you know, get the oil changed on the truck, two weeks of laundry, visiting with friends, get the hair cut and etc.

Before I forget it, the pictures of our (Marilyn and me) visit with Doris Walenta in Tucson are now posted in the last day, April 7th, in case you are following along with this saga.

Continuing on ... when I arrived here in Chandler (Phoenix metro area) I found Bill Gangel in a nursing home recuperating from breaking a vertebra. Bill's wife is Charlene (Char) and we have been friends since 6th grade. How'z that for longevity? They live in Sun Lakes nearby. Another old school chum is JoAnn Tierney, who also winters here in Sun Lakes. The three of us are part of a group of nine who belong to the Round Robin, a newsy letter that we have been circulating UNBROKEN since 1948!

Here's Char, Jo and me relaxing before going to dinner hosted by the Tierneys.

And the Tierneys ... JoAnn and Bernie.

And their lovely home in Sun Lakes. They live in Denver in the summer months. That's Char and Jo out front.

Last Sunday I found the Life Force Chapter of ASD (American Society of Dowsers) and caught a shot of Mary Marie Satterlee and Clay Smith.

Being an 18-year member of ASD, founder of the Digital Dowers (a cyber chapter) and former Trustee, it is so enjoyable to attend the meetings of other chapters and meet up with long time friends. Clay has a new i-River MP-3 recorder that I immediately spotted and it looks like my next toy, hehe. Clay followed me home to oogle my satellite and other toys ... a kindred spirit.

The featured speaker for the day was Serge Martel, a modern American Indian Shaman who is shown here with his L-rods testing energy and auras.

And, of course, they end their day with a potluck that filled the spirit and the belly.

Today Char reports that Bill is doing so well that he might come home on Monday. I will capture his picture before leaving the area so all of you interested in Bill's progress can see for yourself.

My project for today was to hook up a new DVD player to my cupboard full of electronics ... and, oh, dear ... not my forte`. Somehow I managed to do IT! All because the DVD of "What the Bleep Do We Know" arrived in my mail from home ... and I can hardly wait to see it again, and again, and again.

I am soooo excited about that movie that I am intending to sign up for the Scottsdale (Phoenix) Prophet's Conference entitled "What the Bleep" in October. Found an RV park near the resort where the conference will take place and intend to run up there tomorrow to take a look. I am believing my good fortune!

Thought for today:

"You have to strive every minute to get rid of the life
that you have planned in order to have the life that's
waiting to be yours. Move, move, move...."
--Joseph Campbell