Monday, January 10, 2005

Belen, New Mexico .... What a hiatus ... sounds like some holiday. Well, in a way it was. Thanksgiving was yummy and fun at Raquel's house in Albuquerque and the next few weeks were spent coming down off the road trip and gearing up for the next. This time a plane ride to the Oakland airport in California and 16 days with family and friends in Marin. The twins turned 4 (such fun) mother turned 95 a bit earlier in October ... and it was just good fun to be with the California bunch. I took a run up to Redding to visit Marge and Art Palm and Lotte Bowen and returned to Livermore to spend a night with Barbara Rawles. My jillion pictures are still on the camera and one of these days I must deal with that. When that happens I will post them here.

Meanwhile, New Year's has come and gone (spent with Patricia Burke and Gloria Kasdan in Alameda). Friend Marilyn Brodhurst will be flying out here soon to join me in our planned trek to Arizona, then San Diego to meet up with our "tour group" of 21 rigs and 40 something women, on Feb. 21st and off to Baha we shall go for over a month. Who knows? It could be longer.

Friends with the Datastorm satellite already parked at the tip of Baja tell me the satellite is working well and I am upgrading to something to enable me to have WiFi so my trip mates can then tune in to my system and get their email. The changes I am making will also enable my computer person to dial into my computer via satellite and make changes and/or make repairs no matter where I am. I'm looking forward to learning the technology. That's happening this week.

Cannot leave New Mexico without my taxes being taken care of, egads, and I have not even started. The month is evaporating. So off to see the Wizard and g'day for now.