Saturday, October 01, 2005

Belen, New Mexico ... My How The Time Flies ... When You're Having Fun! .... there's no way to catch up. Briefly I arrived home the last week of August from the summer trip around Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Highlights were the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City. Friend Trudy Clawson of California joined me for one heckuva week of lots of new information, reuniting with old friends, a joyful annual occasion. Trudy flew home and I went over to Evanston to visit with son Greg and family. They were busy and excited getting Son No. 1, Gregory, (Grandchild No. 5) off to college in California.

I needed to backtrack to Salt Lake for some satellite repairs/update and so after a week of that headed south to I-70 and then south some more through Moab and over to Ccrtez CO, Durango (had dinner with Louise Garnett) and then Pagosa Springs to revisit from 10 years ago when I fell in love with the place. Friend Susan Junta moved there a year ago so reconnected with her ... and stayed more than a week (time melds into one long rolling space) and Pagosa just suits me to a T. If all goes well, I shall return next summer for a longer stay (when it gets hot in NM).

After Pagosa I moved on down to Taos, New Mexico, and just hung out for about 4 days. Then Angel Fire was only 26 miles away and my Chinese restaurant friends from Belen had moved their operation to this top of the world place, reminiscent of an Alpine ski area, the Yu family, mom, dad and 3 kids. I found them happy, thriving and their restaurant packed every night. Jack Yu is such an excellent chef and I so enjoyed visiting with them and being properly fed, yum!

A Belen/Albuquerque/Harmonious Earth friend, Robert Griffin, moved to Mora/Cleveland, New Mexico, earlier this year. He joined up with a community by the name of Hummingbird Ranch and I wanted to see what he/they were up to. I really enjoyed my two days there and spending time in the highlands of Northern New Mexico. Still lots more to see and do.

Stopped in Santa Fe on my way home to Belen and enjoyed a meal with friend Judy Barrett and daughter Jennifer. It all passed by so quickly and then, voila, I found myself going through my back gate with the rig and, plop, we landed and have been here ever since.

September was filled with community activities and houseguests, plus Katrina and Rita .... Patricia Burke and Diane Moriarty came out from California, and so did Daughter Karyn and husband, Forrest ... their frist trip to New Mexico. They all seemed to have a good time. There were visits to the mesa, lots of good food, an Equinox ceremony at our community center site (on the mesa), a Tom Kenyon (sound healer) 3-day event ... a group of 267 ... pretty impressive ... a yummy buffet at Nathan's in Albuquerque ... the Godfather of us all ... such exquisite fun!

And housemate, Diane, has decided to return to Prescott, Arizona, and so there will be changes, a new chapter ... a new trip headed for the dowsing conference in Flagstaff, leaving Oct. 6th ... and friend Marilyn (co-pilot on my 2 Mexico trips) will fly out from Baltimore on Monday, Oct. 3rd, to join me in a romp around Arizona for at least a month.

And no pictures were taken. That's just the way it is.

Except for the sunset during the Equinox ....

(will post pic later) so you have to come back.