Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Life in Tucson for a couple of birthday weeks ... I love to CELEBRATE!

Arrived back in Tucson after the Life on Wheels conference plus 5 days with Cousin Otie.

We celebrated my birthday together with dinner at Sweet Tomatoes in Tucson.
Oracle is 30 some miles north of Tucson, so we drove to the big city, woohoo.

Friend Doris Walenta and I celebrated our two birthdays a week apart with a smashing dinner at Bazil's up on Sunrise in Tucson. That yummy dessert was a gift from Bazil's. (That's a glass of vino there in my left hand .. you can hardly see it)

The view from Doris's condo at Kachina Hills near Sabino Canyon in Tucson.

Happy Birthday everyone!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Settling down in Tucson .....

Enjoying the fantastic body work by Benita Gettel. This lady is awesome. Here she is with her family in front of her darling home near Old Town ..... including her ocotillo fence ...

four little Japanese Chin (hope I got that right ....)
.... and Jackie, age 15. Trying a hi-grain effect on this picture. Hmmmmmm, not sure about that finish.

And a Tucson sunset, ahhhh.

~ Goodnight ~

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Visiting with friends .....

Suzy Seay (See) and I caught up on things at dinner at the Eclectic Cafe out on Tanque Verde in Tucson. I met Suz on the Copper Canyon trip in Oct. 2003. We have stayed in touch ever since.

Here she is with her cat BAT.

Lots of love 'n light .....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chilly in Oracle, Arizona, visiting with Cousin Otie ...

... am learning Picasa, a free photo program from Google and am about to surprise you with more recent pictures, woohoo!

On February 9th I left Belen and the winter weather with a small supply of "winter clothes." This past six weeks has been more on the chilly side ... but at least the ground is not frozen. It snowed here in Oracle all day Sunday ....

It's 5500 feet elevation ... melting as soon as it hits the ground. These are the front stairs and side deck on the left to his new house. Cannot believe I did NOT take any more pictures.

Cuz and I have been burning up the midnight oil getting caught up on family and lots of picture sharing. We figure it's been 20 years since we last were together at mom's in Modesto. His mother and my father were siblings. Otie is remodeling an abandoned Baptist Church on his property here as his latest home and hopes to move in in July. It will be a stunner. He does all this by himself, even making all the cabinets in the wood shop of a nearby school.

He has this cute little car ....

More tomorrow ... we are going to the big city of Tucson to celerate one of my BIG birthdays. Stay tuned!

Spreading light and love all over this earth ... me and Brightwing.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Life on Wheels ... Pima Community College, Tucson ...

What a great week with old and new friends at the RV LoW Conference. I met Larry and Orene Brown out on the Miracle Mile and we caravanned into town so we could park together in the parking lot ...

...dry camping it's called.

Larry and Orene, Mary and Dave Gardner from San Francisco

John and Joline

John is a friend of Larry and Orene's (he has a DataStorm, too) and they met down in San Carlos, Mexico (near Guaymas) where they were all spending the winter.

[Reminder: Larry and Orene I met at my first DataStorm Rally in 2004 in Kerrville, Texas. They bought an RV lot in Tierra del Sol in Florence, Arizona, last November and are staying there now after the winter in Mexico. Ah, the good life. We have been rendevousing ever since.]

There were probably 100 rigs all piled in together while we attended classes, and learned a lot. The Gardners were parked next to me, the Browns in front of me. We hung out a lot together.

On the first day I took a class entitled "Batteries." Isn't that exciting? It is a precursor to the second class on solar and I knew from the first class that my system is not/has not been operating correctly. The instructor was swamped with questions, but fortunately through his wife I enticed him to pay my Brightwing a visit ... and sure enough, we needed some new powerful wiring. Greg Holder's the name, from Portland, Oregon, a real pro and full of knowledge and expertise. He lined me up with Ron, a roving RV doctor and student of his, and the next day I missed classes in the afternoon to await Ron's arrival. Arrive he did. There sure was a lot of tongue clucking over my battery install. All was righted ... and golly, gee whiz, my solar now works like a solar should.

A lot of the fun in RVing is meeting up with the people you meet on the road, and over the years with the aid of email and cell phones, it becomes part of life finding and meeting up with the folks you know. DataStormers have our "map" that locates us wherever we are and that helps us find each other. If you click on the above word "map", you can find my location any day. You have to scroll waaaay down to me, I'm # 865.

There are sooooo many classes in the world of Rving, that the next really big shew is in Moscow, Idaho, beginning on July 8th. I have a zillion unanswered questions ... and how long have I been RVing? Well, since Feb. of 1989. Amazing how much you don't know and have yet to learn. I have paid plenty of $$ through the years for not knowing enough and have just kept plowing on .... well, it's never too late to learn. Now, on reflection, if you think these seminars are expensive to attend, I think over the years you could save a bundle by doing this stuff up front. My two cents. [Alas, with Brightwing I, I didn't know such things existed. Too busy working for retirement, hehe.]

Sending out my love and light to you and to the cosmos!

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Day in the Labyrinths ... Cave Creek, Arizona ... the Phoenix dowsers are having their monthly meeting.

Taffy and her main labyrinth at her home in Cave Creek.

A gorgeous day with snow capped mountains. Chris and Jim Guld passing each other in the labyrinth.

Thoreau is the name of the center stone in the labyrinth. There is a firepit nearby ....
Taffy's wonderful geodesic dome house. There is a second, smaller labyrinth in the front of the house to the left. She is now planning a third. If you want to know more about labyrinths, Google the word and you will be busy reading for hours. [The system won't let me download any more pictures .... hmmm-m-m-m. Will continue this to a new day and see what happens.]
More Labyrinth Pictures from Sunday in Cave Creek ... on the way to Carefree, hehe

Jim is learning to dowse and Chris is sitting in a fairy ring that I dowsed (Yes, Virginia, there are really such things). Chris also found her object (a yellow/purple golf ball) by dowsing. And she won a prize .. a diamond clip ... [dime-in-clip, get it?]

This is a full-sized pic of the firepit. Nice to have for nightsky ceremonies, etc. Or just tellin' each other ghost stories.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Chandler, Arizona .... Sunday ... lots going on and I keep runnin' outta time ....

Am taking the camera with me today, hooray, so maybe we'll have some pictures. It has rained here in the Phoenix area for 2 straight days. Reminded me of California. But this morning, ahhhhh, the sun is gloriously shining once again, the world is green, fresh and alive!

Jim and Chris Guld (you gotta visit their blog. They inspire me no end) will be picking me up at noon to drive to Cave Creek where the Phoenix chapter of the dowsers will be meeting to learn about labyrinths and to walk Taffy's labyrinth. Taffy Lanser is someone I've known for many years and I've always wanted to see her geodesic dome home. She gives workshops on labyrinths. So today is the day! So need to get a movin' along here and will post pictures tomorrow.

I am making a resolution to take pictures, post them and keep up with this blog, which is my way of journal keeping. See you tomorrow.

Love 'n hugz .....